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    Mercylion G381 Dashcams for Honda Accord


      Things to know before order:

      1. When ordering, upload the vehicle model and year, and pictures of the rearview mirror housing, or pay attention to your email, our customer service will send you an email to confirm. Otherwise, it will be a delayed shipment, thank you for your understanding!

      2. We also accept to confirm the correct dashcam model for you before you order, just send us the vehicle model, year, and rear-view mirror casing pictures, and we will send you the correct URL to order.

      3. For all integrated dashcam models, 2 types of power cords are provided by default in the package. Plug and play cable and fuse box power supply cable. You can choose one according to your preference.

      4. Wiring-free power supply(plug-and-play cable connection). Some car models do not support parking monitoring. If you need the parking monitoring function, please use the fuse box power cord for the power supply.

      Product Specification

      Model No G381-1CH Model No G381-2CH


      Front Cam only Channel Front and Rear Cam 


      NT96675 Processor NT96675


      / Screen /
      Image Sensor IMX335 5M CMOS Image Sensor IMX307 2M CMOS

      Lens Material 

      2G4P+IR waterproof Lens Material  2G4P+IR waterproof


      F1.4 Aperture F1.4
      Lens Angle  diagonal 143° Lens Angle
      diagonal 143°
      Max Resolution 2560*1600 Max Resolution 1920*1080
      Encoding Type H.264 Encoding Type H.264
      Video Format H.264encoding, TF format storage Video Format H.264encoding, TF format storage
      Effective Pixel 5 million pixel Effective Pixel 2 million pixel
      Picture Format JPEG Picture Format JPEG
      Recording Mode 1min/3mins/5mins/loop recording Recording Mode 1min/3mins/5mins/loop recording
      Storage TF card(Class 10 or above, max support 512G) Storage TF card(Class 10 or above, max support 512G)
      GPS Support,external GPS optional GPS Not Support
      Wireless Connection 802.11b/g/n/ac Wireless Connection 802.11b/g/n/ac
      Collision Detection Triaxial accelerometer Collision Detection Triaxial accelerometer
      Horn 8Ω1W Horn 8Ω1W
      Parking Monitoring Start recording 20s after collision Parking Monitoring Start recording 20s after collision
      Start-up Time About 10 Seconds Start-up Time About 10 Seconds
      Working Voltage DC12V Working Voltage DC12V
      Working Currency 250MA ±10MA Working Currency 250MA ±10MA
      Operating Temperature -20℃-65℃ Operating Temperature -20℃-65℃
      Storage Temperature -30℃-85℃ Storage Temperature -30℃-85℃
      Front Cam Installation Plug-and-Play or Hard-wiring Both Support Front Cam Installation Hard-wiring from the front cam

      Packing List

      accord dashcams

      1. Host x1

      2. Private line x1

      3. ACC fuse box wire x 1

      4. 64GB TF card x 1

      5. Rear cam x1(Optional)

      6. Rear cam wire x1(Optional)

      7. Pry tool x 1

      8. Manual x 1

      Q: What should I do if the dashcam casing is not suitable for my car after I receive and install it?

      A: Contact Mercy Lion's customer services, after we checked it is indeed true that after the customer provided the correct car model, model year, and pictures of the car rearview mirror housing from different angles, the dashcam housing we sent to the customer is still not suitable for installation. Our handling method is as follows:

      1. Reconfirm again and re-send the correct dashcam casing to the customer

      2. Since the casings of individual models vary from different countries if after re-confirm we do not have a suitable casing, we will give the customer a full refund

      Our after-sales service is guaranteed, free of concern to shop on Mercylion shop.