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With the growing demand for dash cams in the world, now is the best time for you to dive into the market and ride the waves. Mercylion is looking for partners in the automotive industry that are looking to expand their product range with a high quality, diverse and affordable range of Dash Cam systems. If you are a car / motorcycle dealerships, auto repair & body shops,E-commerce shops– Become a dealer today and receive discounted volume pricing.

Excellent Profit Margins

We offer excellent profit margins in the dash cam industry. How? Work with one of our dedicated sales representatives to get a custom quote that works for you. We can provide discounts for customers who have good faith and good relation with us; At present, there are few enterprises producing the integrated dash cam, so there are few competitors, and it is an easy sale to construct the project; Our goal is to bring you as much business as possible while helping you be profitable.

Small Investment, Mixed Batch Available

Unlimited quantities of mixed batches, you can choose from all the varieties, regardless of each model you need 1 pcs or 100 pcs, only need the order price is more than 1000 US dollars is ok. The first purchase you can use for market testing, which is low investment, and low risk.

Professional Sales & Support Team

As a dealer, you and your customers have free access to our lifetime Customer Support Team. Our team of experts responds within 24 hours and can solve most issues whether it is troubleshooting, installation, or technical questions. We do not need the customer's professional import knowledge, and we can offer customers a home delivery service.

Business Growth

Because of our vast online presence, good branding builds, and increasing promotion investment, many end users around the world will find us. If our end-users ask for local shipping and local services, we will drive local end-users who may need more than just a dash cam for their vehicles to your store. The increased traffic will help drive your organic, incremental sales

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