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    Don't like the cameras mounted on the dash or the windshield and Looking for the best-integrated dash cam for your Lexus vehicle? Look no further than MercyLion! Our collection of dash cams is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into your Lexus ES iS RX NX NX300H RX200T RX450H Rx300 UX 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 and more, providing you with the highest quality video footage for peace of mind on the road. Don't settle for a subpar dash cam - invest in the best with MercyLion. Visit our website to browse our collection and find the perfect dash cam for your Lexus today!

    For LEXUS (5)

    Mercylion G106 Dashcams for Lexus ES iS 2016-2018


    Mercylion G107 Integrated Dash Camera for LEXUS NX 2016-2017 NX 300H


    Mercylion G108 Integrated Dash Cams for Lexus NX300H 2018-2020


    Mercylion G109 Factory Style OEM Dash Cam For Lexus ES 2019-2024


    Mercylion G347 Dash Cam for Lexus RX200T RX450H RX300