External GPS Receiver
dash cam gps
maserati gps tracker

2.5mm two-stage amplified GPS module antenna

The external GPS receiver is only compatible with the Mercylion WIFI hidden single front cam version. 

The external GPS receiver cannot be purchased separately, it needs to be purchased with the hidden wifi single-channel dash cam together.

It is recommended to be installed in the upper right of the center console( the front passenger side), the signal is faster.

dash cam for GPS


When playing back the video, the APP video below will show the longitude-latitude, speed, etc.

l With multi-path detection and correction, it is convenient to obtain accurate navigation in the urban environment with many high-rise buildings.
l The reference clock has a large acceptable range: 12.6Mhz to 40Mhz.
l With built-in antenna detection, and short circuit and overcurrent protection circuit.
l Adopt embedded DC/DC switching circuit to prolong battery life.
l Highest sensitivity, up to -164dBm.