What is the GPS Function of the Dash Cam?

by Mercy Lion on September 28, 2022

What is GPS?

GPS is a global positioning system. It is a high-precision radio navigation positioning system based on artificial earth satellites. It can provide accurate geographic location, vehicle speed and accurate time information anywhere in the world and near Earth space. GPS is not only the patron saint of automobiles, but also the wisdom of logistics industry management.

What is the GPS function of the DASH CAM?

The tachograph gps is used for car navigation to prevent car owners from getting lost when they are unfamiliar with the road conditions. it can locate and track the car in real time. The GPS function of the DASH CAM is basically to record, store and output the vehicle speed, time, mileage and other status information through the interface. The tachograph is an instrument that records the image, sound and other relevant information of the vehicle during driving. After installing the tachograph, it can record the video image and sound of the whole driving process of the car, which can provide evidence for traffic accidents. Those who like to travel by car can also use it to record the process of overcoming difficulties and dangers. While driving, we recorded the time, speed and location in the video while walking, which is quite a "black box".

Is the dash cam equipped with GPS function?

Some recorders on the market have GPS functions, while others do not. There are two kinds of recorders with GPS function, one is external GPS, the other is built-in GPS.

 As the name implies, the external GPS is outside the recorder, and the external GPS module is separately installed on the upper right windshield. For example, Mercylion's external GPS module can be used with Mercylion's hidden single channel recorder. The GPS function of Mercylion DASH CAM can display the speed of the vehicle, and also display the location of the vehicle through Google Maps integration.

 The built-in GPS of the tachograph means that the GPS module is integrated in the tachograph. Mercylion will soon launch a universal tachograph with built-in GPS. Coming soon.

Is it necessary to install the recorder GPS module

It is necessary to install the GPS module of the recorder, because the GPS module can display the specific position of the vehicle. If there is no GPS module, the vehicle position cannot be displayed naturally. In the event of a traffic accident, the traffic police can deal with the accident more quickly and accurately, and can also retain effective evidence. When hearing road traffic accident cases, they can also serve as more accurate and powerful evidence for sentencing and compensation, and also provide evidence for insurance companies to settle claims.

What are the advantages of GPS positioning module for recorder?

1.Today's recorders basically have a GPS positioning module. After all, the positioning function has spread across many fields. It can not only realize remote monitoring, but also support the electronic dog function to record the driving track, so that the location information of the vehicle can be synchronized to the mobile phone. It is a more high-end recorder.

2.Many tachographs with GPS positioning module have the function of time-lapse video recording. They can mainly compress several hours of video into dozens of minutes for storage. When watching, they are like fast forward video, which can save the memory space of the tachograph and ensure the integrity of the recorded content.


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