Why you should choose M9661 digital rearview mirror dashcam?

by Leona Lee on March 28, 2023

What is mirror dashcam?

The streaming media rearview mirror dashcam is to turn the interior rearview mirror into a real-time rear road condition display, mainly through the high-definition external rearview camera to shoot the real-time road conditions behind the vehicle. And present the image on the rearview mirror. This enables it to bring a clearer image to the driver when the light is poor or the rear view is blocked, and the rear view is still clearly visible when driving in rain, fog, snow and haze. It will be of great help to the safety of driving. The viewing angle is 3 times larger than that of traditional rearview mirrors.


Why you should choose M9661 digital rearview mirror dashcam?

dash cam with reverse parking camera

High-Performance Processor

M9661 is a general-purpose rearview mirror streaming media driving recorder, the main control is MSTAR (MSC8339), equipped with a 9.66-inch LCD display and a 9.66-inch full touch screen, and the front and rear lens modules can be equipped with IMX307 dual 1080P High-definition lens module, the rear camera of all series is a high-definition waterproof camera, the display screen can display a single front road picture, a single rear road picture, or a two-split display of front and rear dual road pictures, support reversing image, switch to the reversing auxiliary line for preview.

interior mirror dash cam

Support voice commands, free your hands, and you can focus on your driving

The interface supports the following 8 simple voice commands in Chinese and English: turn on the screen, turn off the screen, record before display, record after display, turn on recording, turn off recording, emergency recording, and I want to take a photo. No need for hands-on operation to provide an extra layer of protection for safe driving. This product is a strap-type fixed 5V car charger for easy and non-destructive installation.


Wide-angle and low night vision,makes driving more safty

The wide-angle camera is adopted, and the width seen is 5 times that of ordinary rearview mirrors. Cooperating with streaming media real-time communication technology, through 6-glass high-definition rearview lens, lens waterproof treatment and high-sensitivity technology processing, the real scene of the rearview screen can be displayed synchronously on the screen. On the rearview mirror screen, high-definition imaging can also be performed at night. It has a strong ability to cope with extreme weather. It truly does not condense rain and fog, automatically removes rain, snow, water droplets and other sundries, and calmly copes with various severe weather. Provided a guarantee for driving safety. During driving, the brightness of the screen will automatically adjust the light to a comfortable level, so that the environment behind the car can be clearly restored. In the low-light mode of driving at night, it can provide better wide dynamic effects, and strong light suppression eliminates the visual obstacles caused by high beams at night, and can adapt to shooting under any lighting conditions around the clock. Make the day clearer and the night less dazzling.


Improve to Reduce Glare

One of the common issues faced by dashcam users is glare from the sun or other light sources, which can affect the clarity and quality of the recorded footage. In response to this issue, the M9661 dashcam has introduced an improvement to reduce glare. The new feature is designed to reduce the amount of glare captured by the dashcam's lens, resulting in clearer and more accurate footage. Another benefit of the M9661 dashcam's glare-reducing feature is improved safety on the road. Glare can be a significant distraction for drivers, making it harder to see and react to potential hazards. With clearer footage, drivers can better identify and avoid dangerous situations, such as sudden lane changes or pedestrians crossing the road.



Overall, M9661 mirror dashcams can be a great option for anyone who wants complete coverage of their surroundings while driving. Shop M9661 for your driving for peace of mind on the road.


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