Why Should I Get a Dash Cam

by Terry Hu on June 21, 2022

Do you wonder how helpful dash cams really are? Dashcams are not a standard safety requirement in all cars. Why do most car owners generally install dash cams? That's because the benefits of having a dash cam are far greater than the benefits of not having one. And the dash cam is not expensive, you can easily get it. There are several reasons to purchase a dash cam:


Keep An Eye On Your Car

If you drive a lot, have teenagers who drive your cars or you loan them out to friends, dashcams are great things to have as they are a silent monitor of your property.


Record Driving Accidents

Dashcams have many applications, but most importantly, they act as an impartial witness in case of an accident. Sadly, there are dishonest people in the world, and a dashcam provides irrefutable evidence of what happened before, during, and after an incident. With saved footage it can really win a case in court and police can use it to bring offenders to justice.

If If you met with a car accident, you can use the footage to prove vandalism of your vehicle, and to show that another party initiated the damage (so that you can win your case in court)... But remember that they are also gathering evidence against you should you make a mistake. It will record any driving habits that would embarrass you in traffic court. So unless your driving is perfect, sometimes it’s better not to have evidence of any bad habits.


Capture Parking Accidents and Car Theft

Now many dash cams have a parking monitoring mode, why does a car need a monitoring mode? In some narrow parking space, parking can be a nightmare, especially for beginner drivers who tend to accidentally scratch other cars while they are struggling to park theirs. Has it ever occurred to you to find your beloved car scratched or seriously damaged, knowing that it was perfectly intact when you parked it the other night? Are you tired of your neighbor scraping your car when trying to pull theirs out? A dash cam with parking mode stands out from basic dash cams because it has the potential to record incidents that wouldn’t be recorded otherwise.  They are very useful for other non-collision incidents that may occur when your vehicle is parked.


This feature can come in handy in a variety of situations, including:

If someone dings your car with their car door

If your vehicle is involved in a hit and runs while parked

If someone vandalizes or attempts to steal your vehicle

If you’re given an undeserved parking ticket or other traffic violation citation


In addition to this, the dash cams can also be operated remotely from the privacy of your home, and you can send all the data to your laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone. These cams are specially designed to give car owners the peace of mind they need at night, knowing that their cars are safe and sound in the parking lot!


Against Staged Crash Fraud

You’re not the only thing on the road. Ever see someone stop at the end of a driveway - then proceed right into your front bumper? In this condition, you can show the dash cam footage to the police. The video will convince her to tell the officer the truth. And … if you do everything right, and there’s still an accident beyond anyone’s control, the dash cam video will show you doing everything right.


Discount On Insurance Premiums

People will ask, installing a dash cam for their car, what is the likelihood of it paying for itself by recording how an accident really happened? Will it help future insurance claims proceed without a hitch? Essentially, your dash cam is an extra layer of insurance. You generally hope to never need it. Some insurance companies even offer a discount for drivers who consented to have a black box in their car which recorded GPS data and checked that they didn't drive recklessly or speedily. The reason why the insurance companies offer a discount for drivers that have a dash camera installed and use it is because it can simplify claims and save them a lot on litigation fees. If a customer is willing to have their driving recorded, it demonstrates to an insurer they regard themselves as a more accomplished driver. Car insurance companies love safe drivers. Safe drivers make fewer claims, which helps keep costs low.


Enjoy The Scenery, Again

It's always good to have a camera on hand to capture life's wild and crazy moments. Everyone loves a good road trip. Using one to keep a record of your comings and goings while on the road can help you settle disputes following crashes, traffic stops, break-ins, or mysterious damage. A dash cam can also make sure you're recording when the funniest, weirdest, and most unexpected things happen on the road. And turn your road trip into an unforgettable journey and keep the memories forever.


Monitor Your Kids

Parents or guardians monitor their every move behind the wheel and driving habits, this behavior can make their kids drive less carelessly and be more aware of their surroundings, finally achieving the goal of ensuring their safety on the road. For parents with teenagers, a dash cam is imperative for safety and peace of mind.

Some people may take it as a way of exercising additional control over them. The best solution to solve this problem is talking to them. You can simply talk to your children about the necessity of a dash cam and set certain boundaries that will help you both enforce the rules and show that you trust your kid. For example, they can turn off the voice recording function of the dash cam to protect their privacy rights. However, by using a dash cam embedded GPS device in them so you can ensure that your kids are going where they told you they are going. Meanwhile, with features like speed tracking and of course, the video, you can ensure that your kids drive responsibly and follow the law.


Easy to Install

Speaking of those dash cams that are easy to install. You can think about dash cams with hidden designs. Because you will have a better vision during your driving. The legal rule is that if your dash camera obscures more than a 5-inch square on the driver’s side or a 7-inch square on the passenger’s side, you could get into trouble with the police or put yourself in a dangerous situation.


Disadvantages Of Dash Cams

The disadvantage of dash cams is the potential to invade privacy. As the camera clicks and records, you may be violating someone’s privacy by recording them without their knowledge and most probably against their will. So, you need to pay attention to sharing on social media legally.



Every coin has two sides, there is not any advantage without a disadvantage.  It all depends on how you treat them. On the whole, the advantages of installing a dash cam in the car outweigh the disadvantages. A dash cam can be your best friend. Just do some review searching for the best one if you’re wanting one. Depending on what features you want, dash cams can be pricey. Like, over $500 pricey. Alternatively, super cheap options are almost always problematic in being unreliable or missing crucial features. Regardless of what you end up spending on your dash cam, it’s worth noting that good devices cost at least $200. Imagine how much trouble you can potentially escape by paying only $200. Good luck out there and stay vigilant.


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