Why original car factories do not install dashboard camera

by Mercy Lion on September 30, 2022

A friend said that he had just bought a car and didn't install a dash cam in time. “When I drove back to my hometown, I parked my car in front of my neighbor's house because he had a camera. The next morning, I found that a long strip of paint had been scraped on the side of the car. I was lucky to go to my neighbor's house to adjust and monitor the car. However, in order to save power, they didn't open the car, so I had to pay for maintenance themselves."

With the rapid development of science and technology, the automobile market has developed into a mature system, and there are also a variety of choices available for car owners to refer to. Most drivers will equip their cars with driving recorders to protect their personal safety and prevent some uncertain factors. Automobile competition is increasingly fierce, but it is strange that many manufacturers have not installed the necessary products for most car owners, such as recorders, when producing cars. This should be a factor to improve the competitiveness of automobile manufacturers. Why original car factories do not install dashboard camera? What is the reason?


1.Reason for demand

Everyone has their own aesthetic standards, and their requirements for dash cams are also different. Car enterprises cannot meet the needs of so many consumers at the same time. The DASH CAM selected by consumers is bought according to their own needs, and there will be no dissatisfaction after it is installed in the car.

Some auto manufacturers are specialized in export business. The market conditions in each country are different, and the consumption trends and habits in the market are also different. Many foreign consumers do not attach great importance to the dash cam when buying cars. Therefore, the market demand determines that the dash cam is an additional configuration that the car owner can choose, rather than the car itself.


2.The dash cam has been upgraded very quickly

The DASH CAM is just an on-board electronic product installed on the car, which is similar to other electronic products. For example, mobile phones are updated very quickly. After the new model comes out, many people don't like the old model. So if the manufacturer installs a dash cam on a new car during production, the cycle of a car from research and development to design to production is generally long. A dash cam can be marketed in almost one year. The time difference between the two is quite large, which will lead to the manufacturer's installed dash cam failing to meet the needs of our consumers. If it has not been sold in recent years, The dash cam has become a direct antique, which is estimated that many people do not like. So the driver can only install the dash cam he wants after he buys the car himself.


3.Cost issues

The automobile is a machine composed of various parts, each of which costs a lot. Generally speaking, the price of DASH CAM is not expensive, only a few hundred dollars. However, if the auto manufacturer installs a dash cam on every car when it leaves the factory, the amount will be very large, and the cost of building a car will rise straightly. Some people may say: "The purchase volume of automobile enterprises is large and the cost is low!" Although this is true, no matter how low the purchase price is, auto enterprises will do a loss making business. In addition, the cost of "vehicle gauge level" dash cam is definitely much higher than that of "consumer level" dash cam purchased online by ourselves. In addition, once the manufacturer installs the recorder, the quality must meet the corresponding standards.

After the cost rises, the sales volume and price of cars will also rise. At present, the competition in the automobile market is extremely fierce. In order to expand the market, various automobile enterprises are constantly exploring their own prices. If the cost of their own automobile production increases, there will be no advantage in price reduction, which is a negative thing for automobile enterprises.

If it is a global model, because the manufacturer needs to meet the requirements of different places, it is bound to redesign the production line and mold, test and reconsider the interior. After installing the dash cam, it is also necessary to consider its power consumption, signal interference and other factors. It greatly affects the production efficiency of the manufacturer. In the final analysis, because the OEMs are a group that maximizes profits, OEM and DASH CAM may not bring them more sales, but may reduce their profits and increase their liability risks. Therefore, most manufacturers will not provide DASH CAM.

Secondly, the standard configuration of dash cam will increase the cost of software and hardware research and development of vehicle central control, and will also bring some bad experiences. For example, 4G to 6G of memory will aggravate the vehicle's overstaffing and affect the experience of vehicles responsible for important functions of the vehicle. Moreover, the installation of the dash cam may affect the circuit of the car, which will cost a lot of research and development costs, so the manufacturer is unwilling to install it.

Many manufacturers previously claimed that their cars were equipped with the original dash cam, but in fact, these were not installed together from the production line, but installed later in the 4S store! Don't underestimate this difference. The nature is different: the quality of everything that comes with the factory must meet the relevant regulations, while the things that are added to the 4S store are at most gifts, which don't need to meet the standard of car use.

Therefore, turning the dash cam into an optional device is the choice of consumers themselves, which will not affect businesses to compete with prices.


4.Policies differ from region

At present, no country has clearly stipulated whether to install a dash cam. Nowadays, cars are not only sold in their own countries, but also sold all over the world. In foreign countries, there are indeed several countries that restrict the installation of dash cams to protect their privacy. In other countries, their citizens have no right to disclose the contents of the DASH CAM, because it is related to personal privacy, so the manufacturer does not match the DASH CAM.



From the practical point of view, the driving recorder is very necessary. After all, there are so many cars on the road and the driving conditions are very complicated. In case of an accident on the road, the video taken by the dash cam can prove it for us. If you have a car, it is recommended that you also install a dash cam.


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