Why My Dash Camera Don't Loop Record

by Terry Hu on June 21, 2022

Let us suppose someday, a pedestrian walked out in front of you. You swerved and honked and continued on. When you got to work, you wanted to check the footage of the near miss by your dash cam app, but it wasn't there. You may be asking yourself, "My camera records a new file every 3 minutes but I guess it stops recording temporarily to start a new file. The incident occurred during that small gap and I have no record of it now. Why my dash camera doesn't loop record?" If so,  you've come to the right place.


What is Loop Recording and How Does it Work?

When you use your dash cam, video & audio will be recorded up to the capacity of the installed an SD card (more commonly a Micro SD card). Once the memory card has reached its recording limit, dash cam loop recording works by overwriting the oldest files with new video. Dash cams typically save video files in increments from 1 to 5 minutes, and you may be able to adjust the length of the clip time in your camera's settings. If the camera memory space is insufficient, the camera will automatically delete the last recorded clip and make room for the new content. However, if the car collides, the video recorded during the collision will be locked to avoid being overwritten. The continuous loop recording of a dash cam is a solution to make full use of the limited memory space for you to always have the most recent recording of the last several hours.

dash cam loop recording


The Reasons of Dash Camera Don't Loop Record

Here are 7 possible reasons why the dash cam cannot record in a loop. You can use the following methods to troubleshoot the problem that your dash cam cannot record in a loop.


Loop Recording Setting

The loop recording of each driving recorder has an on and off setting. You can check whether your dash cam has been turned on and set the time of the loop recording. If the loop recording function is disabled, it cannot record continuously. At this time, you only need to set it back to the open state.


There are Problems with The Memory Card

The speed of reading and writing the memory card of the driving recorder is slow, which may result in the inability to record continuously. It is necessary to ensure that the memory card is a genuine card, and a Class 10 Micro SD card with a faster card speed can be considered.


Insufficient Memory Card Storage Space

The video of the driving recorder's parking monitoring function and motion detection function is the video recorded by the gravity sensor. This video is automatically locked. If you forget to delete or format it manually, it will lead to insufficient storage space. In addition, if you set the sensitivity of parking monitoring and motion detection to high, some slight movements may wake up the dash cam to record and lock the video, resulting in a lot of useless videos and images, and also occupying excess memory card space. Therefore, if the dash cam has the function of motion detection or parking mode, set their sensitivity to medium or low is enough. And remember to  manually format the memory card 1-2 times one month.


Power Outage Due to Collision

If the crash video clip of the dash cam disappears, it may be that the dash cam is powered off during the collision, causing the crash video clip to disappear. It may also be that the driving recorder is stuttering or lag, and there is a loss of recording. In addition, it may also be a problem with the settings of the dash camera itself. When the car collision, the locked video of some dash cams will be renamed and saved, making it difficult to find.


Using the Motion Detection when Driving

If the motion detection function is turned on while driving, it may also cause the video to not be covered, so you can choose to turn off the motion detection when you driving.


Time Setting Problem of Loop Recording

Regarding the time setting of the loop recording, the drivers are most concerned about whether it is more appropriate to set it to a few minutes? At present, the loop recording setting time of the dash cameras is mainly 1/2/3/5/15 minutes. The time setting should not be too short. If it is too short, the video files will be broken and the service life of the memory card will be shortened. If the time setting is too long, it may be troublesome to find the accident footage, so it is generally recommended that you set it to 3 minutes or 5 minutes.


Abnormal Time of Dash Cam

The problem with the abnormal time of the dashcams is that every time the dash cam is turned on, the time will return to the initial state or stays at the time of shutdown.

This problem is often caused by the following two reasons.

One reason may be that the built-in battery is run out, preventing the time from being recorded.

We all know that the built-in battery power of the driving recorder is very limited. If the power is exhausted, the car recorder will definitely not be able to record the time after it is turned off. It may skip directly to the initial time of the system, or each boot display time is still the time of the last shutdown. Therefore, we must not exhaust the power of the built-in battery during normal use. So how to save the usage of the built-in battery. You can use a dash cam with a parking mode hard wiring kit. Do not rely on the built-in battery alone to work, and ensure that the recorder automatically shuts down after the vehicle is turned off for a few seconds.

Another reason could be that the battery is running fine, but the time cannot be updated.

The solution to this problem is relatively simple. First, connect the driving recorder to the computer, and create a time.txt in the root directory of the memory card. Enter the current time in the txt, such as 2021.06.24 12:10:30 , then save it, and finally remove the battery of the driving recorder, install it again. This problem can basically be solved after booting. This approach applies to many electronic digital products.



Why loop recording is important for drivers. The driving recorder is turned on every day, and the capacity of the memory card is quickly used up. The loop recording can solve the problem of insufficient capacity. It also saves the cost of purchasing a memory card for drivers. The larger the memory card capacity, the higher the cost, and the lower the memory card capacity, the cheaper the cost. The dash cam has the function of loop recording, 1080P resolution, buy 32G Micro SD card is enough. If it is a higher resolution, then a higher memory card capacity is required. More importantly, a dash cam with loop recording feature is convenient for driver to quickly find the footage where the collision or accident occurred. After all, accidents usually occur within minutes and seconds. If each video takes too long, it will be more troublesome to find. It can effectively save your time, the most precious thing in the world is nothing but "today".


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