Why install dash cams to Commercial Vehicle Fleets are important

by Leona Lee on January 31, 2023

The roads are dangerous, and for those who spend a lot of time on the roads, especially fleets and transportation businesses, not every driver has the same driving skills or level of consideration as the other drivers. If you're a business that manages a commercial fleet, you must know how to navigate risk and limit losses. Whether you currently manage a fleet of one vehicle or a fleet of 200 vehicles, the risk of unsafe driving threatens the safety of your drivers, the productivity of your fleet, and other drivers on the road. This is a big reason why dash cams are so popular in commercial and personal vehicles. Dashcam manufacturers have introduced innovative models, virtual platforms, and connectivity that are critical to ensuring efficiency, reducing accidents, preventing fraud, and most importantly saving lives on the road.


Should you install a dash cam in your commercial vehicle?

Here are some key benefits of dash cams, explaining why they are a great asset for businesses with commercial fleets.


1.Prevent cash fraud 

Drivers around the world face insurance scams and driver fraud. Dashcams are the ultimate impartial witness to thwarting would-be highway crooks, they become the ultimate defense. A classic fraudulent scheme is to intentionally create an accident in which the driver of the rear-end vehicle is blamed for hitting another vehicle. It usually involves a road user slamming on the brakes suddenly or unnecessarily. With dashcams, fleet managers can see the road like drivers and capture real-time footage as evidence to prevent fraudulent claims. If your driver is not responsible for a particular accident, the video evidence in your video dash cam is an invaluable tool in exonerating them and ensuring they are protected.


2.Evidence of claims for traffic accident insurance

In the era without driving recorders, the occurrence of traffic accidents largely depends on the description and explanation of the parties involved. Unfortunately, you can never be sure if what is being told is true, and there is a good chance that the story will be fabricated to avoid prosecution or penalty. Drivers or pedestrians are less objective in their judgment and sometimes suffer from memory lapses, leading to inaccurate or unreliable reports.


But with dash cams, insurers will be able to look at the cold hard evidence and make unbiased judgments. As a result, disputes or disagreements are sure to be eliminated.


3.Parking accident insurance claim evidence

Accidents in public parking lots are so common that you probably won't be surprised. With so many cars crammed into enclosed spaces, crashes in parking lots seem inevitable.

While most parking incidents tend to be minor, they can still result in insurance claims, much to the regret of commercial vehicle fleet managers.


 4.Lower premiums

One of the biggest problems associated with collisions is that it increases insurance premiums for innocent drivers because the cost of compensation needs to be recovered from somewhere.

Thankfully, integrating dash cams in your fleet can tell insurance companies that you take fleet safety seriously. Most insurance companies will offer a discount if you install a dash cam, as it helps improve driver behavior and the overall safety level of your fleet. Much depends on your insurer, but if other providers are already willing to offer discounts, it can quickly become commonplace, especially for commercial vehicles.


5.Record the driver's driving behavior

If you also install a dual-lens camera that records activity in the vehicle, you'll be able to see if your driver is behaving in a safe and professional manner. After all, they are the ones who represent the business and come into contact with a large number of people on a daily basis. Mobile phone use or road rage will be caught on camera and you will be able to take appropriate action.


dash cam on company vehicles

6.Report dangerous drivers

Driver welfare is bound to be your primary concern, but in many ways, you also have a responsibility to protect other road users. Fleet vehicles equipped with telematics dashboard cameras help track any unsafe driving behavior.


Examples of unsafe driving:

~follow too closely

~distracted driving

~fatigue driving

~driving under the influence

~brake suddenly

~Driving too slowly due to traffic conditions


With some evidence on camera, you can report the reckless driver to the proper authorities. These people can then be prosecuted and pose no threat to your fleet. Everyone benefits from the potential for more dangerous drivers to be convicted.


7.A location tracker that knows where your driver is

Fleet-wide real-time GPS monitoring. Some camera systems include GPS monitoring to help you better manage your fleet, you will be able to ensure your fleet vehicles stick to their routes and stay where they are supposed to be. GPS data can also conclusively determine that the vehicle is always being used for commercial purposes. After all, the more efficient your drivers are while en route and on duty, the more efficient your business will be.


8.Reward safe driving

It may seem surprising, but dash cams can cut your labor costs in some amazing ways. Your back office team has the opportunity to establish a fleet safety program and coach drivers using video-based coaching tools and driver safety scorecards.


This footage and driving data can help create a safety rewards program for your employees. Your employees will be more likely to interact with you and drive safer in exchange for incentives. This has been proven to improve retention, which can also impact your bottom line, reducing turnover and associated recruitment costs. That's why you want to hire someone trustworthy to drive your vehicle and provide proper training to ensure they become the best drivers possible.


9.Strengthen driver training

When training a novice or young driver, there is nothing like getting behind the wheel and experiencing life on the road firsthand. However, dashboard camera footage can be an invaluable learning tool. With a dash cam, you can gain insight into:


travel record

~Event Video Playback

~Monitor distracted driving

~Video flagged for review

~Pre-configured severe event thresholds for different vehicle task types

~Multi-driver trip tracking

~Requested download event


In this way, fleet managers can improve their driver training programs through the use of dash cams. Plus, trainee drivers can learn what to do in different situations and scenarios without putting the vehicle or other road users at risk. Experienced drivers can also get expert coaching while watching the video, imparting some wisdom. In the event of a major safety incident, managers can use the captured video to provide feedback to drivers.

Many commercial fleets equip all vehicles at once. We understand the value of doing this and making it simple for your business. That's why Mercylion is offering discounts on fleet dash cams to commercial fleet managers looking to buy dash cams in bulk.

Having dash cams inside these everyday vehicles is critical to many of our fleet customers to ensure the safety and peace of mind of their drivers and bottom line.

As turely hidden dash cam pioneer in Asia, we know that every fleet, truck, and vehicle on the road deserves the best product for its needs. We are passionate about what we do day in and day out. That's why we offer the best price matching, customer service, and dash cam installation services on the market.

Strengthen the visual supervision of vehicles, reduce the accident rate and failure rate, greatly improve the efficiency of vehicle management, and make the management of online car-hailing, automobile financial leasing, and network freight vehicles more systematic and transparent.


Protect Your Fleet Today

Overall, dash cam technology is fundamentally improving the fleet industry by ensuring vehicle and driver safety, saving money, and improving driver training programs. If you're a fleet manager, protecting your fleet with a high-quality dashboard camera is a must. These dash cams will help protect your driver in the event of an accident, but they will also protect your business reputation.

These cameras can be a huge initial investment, and aside from Mercylion offering a dashcam fleet discount, they will pay for themselves quickly.

As a dash cam supplier, we know that every fleet, truck, and vehicle on the road deserves the best product for its needs. We are passionate about what we do day in and day out. That's why we offer the best price matching, customer service, and dash cam installation services on the market. If you're ready to protect your business and your drivers today, get in touch.


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