Why Do I Need a Motorcycle Dashcam

by Mercy Lion on November 09, 2022

As a motorcycle rider, you will agree that the possibility of accidents is higher than that of driving, and the risk of personal injury is higher.

There are many factors that can cause motorcycle accidents.

Situation 1: Do not turn on the turn signal, change lanes at random, intentionally leave the car, drive to look at your mobile phone, directly accelerate at the yellow light at the intersection and other behaviors that do not comply with the traffic rules. Therefore, when investigating the responsibility after the accident, you may regret that you failed to install a recorder earlier.


Situation 3: When encountering a hit and run, the hit and run vehicle cannot find relevant information after escaping.


In addition, motorcycles are less visible than other vehicles at intersections. In fact, when people think of motorcycle accidents, they will think that the motorcyclist is at fault. They may think that motorcyclists are fast and reckless drivers. However, about half of motorcycle accidents involve multiple vehicles. In these events, a large part is due to another car suddenly turning in front of the motorcycle rider.


Installing an ordinary motorcycle dash cam can prevent the above problems. The dash cam can play the following roles:

body cam motorcycle

It's your silent witness

Protect you from false accident charges

Absolutely prove who is responsible for the event and responsibility

Any insurance claims will be expedited

Protect your no claim bonus

Even if you are not here, you should protect your ride


In addition:

Record the scenery along the way, and share your riding life to the social platform.

Record the track, route, map, duration and mileage

It is important to install a reliable motorcycle dash cam, which can provide years of reliable service. Choose a camera recording system that is easy to set up and use, including weather proof and shockproof cameras, without worrying about battery capacity limitations, or manually pressing the power or recording button. Mercylion motorcycle dash cam is worth having.


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