Why Dash Camera is Important

by Terry Hu on July 09, 2022

Why You Should Use a Dash Cam

Is it necessary to buy a driving recorder, is it important? If you are in an accident, a dash cam will help you determine who was at fault. These cameras can also help protect you from insurance fraud and discourage thieves. These devices are also beneficial because they reward safe driving. In this article, we'll explore why you should use a dash cam. We'll also explore how dash cams help prevent insurance fraud.


Dash Cams Are Useful For Finding Fault In A Car Accident

In fact, according to a new RAC study, nearly 3 million motorists are recording their journeys with these devices. Around 25% of drivers think a dashcam will improve their own driving, while 69% of those who have been involved in an accident, think having a dash camera would have been useful. They can provide valuable evidence. A Dash Cam Means “Better Safe Than Sorry”. In some states, drivers must post a warning on their dashboards to tell passengers that dashcam footage will be available for their use. If the other driver has a dashcam, the video footage of a car accident can be useful to determine who is at fault for the wreck. Even if the crash was unintentional, video footage can help identify who was at fault for the collision. It can also provide insight into the driver's state of mind. A sound bite from a dash camera can help the examiner determine whether the other driver was switched lanes, was distracted, tired, or listening to excessive volume. Dash cams can be used for other purposes. They may be helpful for determining who is at fault during an intersection. A dash cam's footage can be used to establish whether one car was at fault and which vehicle was at fault. The dashcam footage may be admissible in court, depending on its G force measurement and GPS capabilities. The video footage captured by dash cams can also be helpful in building a strong insurance claim. Some insurers accept dash cam videos as evidence of negligence. Although these videos are not as definitive as those shot by a dash cam, they can prove that the other driver was at fault. Furthermore, if the dashcam shows that the other driver was speeding or distracted, this could reduce the amount of reward money that a driver receives.

In many cases, the dashcam footage can corroborate the driver's story and help disprove the other party's. However, this isn't always possible - it is very difficult to find a driver who is at fault for the accident unless they volunteer to share it. It is still important to consult a lawyer if you are in a situation where you need to provide evidence in a lawsuit and to be prepared to hand it over.


They Deter Thieves

Did you know that a dash camera can help deter car thieves? If you've been the victim of car theft, having a dash camera in your vehicle can help you regain your peace of mind. These devices record the actions of thieves inside and outside your car and store the footage online for later viewing.

If you're wondering how a dash cam can deter car thieves, there are several ways to make your car less attractive to thieves. The best way to do this is to put high-value items in the trunk before you leave your car. Usually, thieves break into vehicles once the owner has gone. But with a dash camera, you'll know if there's a burglar on the loose before anyone has a chance to grab your stuff.

When deciding on a dash cam, be sure to select a model that has good visibility from the outside. Place it near a window, but make sure it's prominently displayed so thieves won't miss it. You'll also need to remember to store the footage somewhere safe in case your car is stolen. A dashcam with cloud storage is an excellent option since it can store the footage anywhere, including in the cloud.

While you're parking your car, try to park it in well-lit areas. Avoid parking your car in unlit areas, where it's easy to steal. Try to park in a parking lot that also has security measures, such as security lights. In this way, you'll be sure that no one will break into your car. And don't forget to lock your car! The National Insurance Crime Bureau recommends not leaving your keys in the ignition. A thief can easily break a window, get inside, and drive away with your items.


They Protect You From Insurance Fraud

In a world where the high value of car insurance payouts has attracted criminals, the use of dash cameras has proven invaluable. Fraudulent claims cost insurers $425 million annually in the UK. In some cases, criminal gangs have orchestrated multiple collision incidents worth millions of pounds, leaving innocent victims in the middle. Fortunately, road users have begun to fight back, camera footage is becoming increasingly accepted for insurance claims and proving liability. Dash cams provide video evidence that reveals how an accident occurred.

While dash cams aren't perfect, they do provide a visual deterrent. In some cases, dash cams can also capture evidence from vandalism or car break-ins. Videos from dash cams can be used to support your side of an event in a court of law. This is extremely useful, especially if it involves insurance fraud. Dash cam footage can also help you fight insurance fraud by proving that the other party was at fault. Dash cameras protect your driving record by exposing attempts at fraud. Dashcams expose attempted fraud and enable insurers to compete better with their competitors.

Because dash cam footage can prove that you were not at fault in a collision, it can help speed up the claims process. When witnesses to an accident give different versions of the same event, video evidence can help you avoid a large increase in insurance premiums. Further, dash cam footage can be helpful for a car insurance company to review an accident claim. This saves them time and money. They can also help you avoid a high insurance premium in the long run.

Dash cams don't guarantee cheaper insurance, but they can help you settle disputes and claims with the other driver. Besides, dash cams can help you avoid at-fault claims and can even keep your driving record clean and premiums low. The benefits of dash cams are obvious. Despite the initial cost, they can save you money in the long run. Therefore, it's worth investing in a dash cam for your car.


They Reward Safe Driving

One way to motivate drivers to drive safely is by rewarding them with dash cams. In some cases, drivers will be given a cash bonus or branded merchandise if they follow a series of guidelines. However, drivers should be aware that the device should not be used to catch bad drivers or to point out risky driving habits. Instead, it is a good idea to use dash cam footage to reinforce good driving habits and prevent insurance fraud.

In order for dash cams to work effectively, companies need to set clear rules to be followed by drivers. Drivers should know what the consequences are for a violation. The rules should be clear and consistent. It is also important to remember that unionized drivers need consistent unbiased enforcement. Additionally, 79% of employees say they feel more motivated and work harder when they are rewarded for good driving. Besides, video footage shows drivers their mistakes and how to improve on them.

Some businesses even set up fleet safety incentive programs to reward safe drivers. In the case of one company, employees can earn gift cards if they drive safely. Another company sets up a competition among drivers for a chance to win prizes. To encourage drivers to drive safely, the company distributes a list of rewards to drivers with high scores. Positive feedback from customers and peers is highly motivating. Dash cameras are an excellent way to recognize good driving behavior.

Incentives for safe driving are not limited to financial rewards. They can reduce fuel and vehicle wear. Insurance companies also reward safe drivers by offering discounts for driver monitoring technology. Furthermore, dash cams can help drivers feel safer on the road. If they are well-recognized, drivers are more likely to continue practicing safe driving habits. This means they can earn more money, increase their income, and have more time to devote to driving.


They Can Save Your Teen’s Life

Obtaining a driver’s license is no doubt a milestone in every teens life, but it’s also a scary time for parents of a teen driver. Teenagers are not nearly as skilled as more experienced drivers, because they are still learning and don’t have enough time on the road under their belt. A growing number of parents are enforcing that their children keep a dash cam in the car while they are driving. Making this a condition of driving either the parent's car, their own car, or a car the parents purchased for them, is proving to be a life-saving move.

With the dash cam running in the car all the time, especially with the bonus of an inward-facing camera, the parents can review the footage at any time. Turning the camera off, or deleting footage, breaks the deal and takes the car away from the teenager, so the parents are always in control.

On top of the obvious visual benefits, the high-end cameras that record GPS data and speed data, mean that parents can also make sure that children are not going places they have been told not to go and that they are not driving recklessly.

There is also formal program parents can use. If the dashboard camera in a participant's car records erratic movements, such as hard braking or swerving, the footage is instantly sent to a control center. The control center is managed by professional driving coaches, who will review the footage and make an assessment of what has happened. They will then passes their assessment on to the parents so that they can talk to the children.


They Might be Capture Amazing Things

These cameras can actually help you record some unforgettable events as well. For instance, a Russian car driver’s dash camera has recorded the meteor that flew over Russia and the clip ended up having tens of millions of views on Youtube.



To sum it all up, a dashboard camera is worth the investment, especially since it is very cost-effective and has a very straightforward design. You have a wide array of dash cameras to choose from Mercy Lion. The choice is entirely yours, depending on your budget, needs and preferences!


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