Where to Mount Dash Cam

by Terry Hu on May 25, 2022

Where to mount dash cam? If you're looking for a place to mount your dash cam, consider where you will place it most often - behind the windscreen, on a rear view mirror, on the passenger seat, or on the top corner of the windscreen. Some places are easier to reach when you're driving, but they may not be the best options for your car. The best place to mount a dash cam depends on the model of dash cam, type of mount, and personal preference. Whether there are one, two, or three cameras will also affect dash cam placement. 


Why you need to Mount Dash Cam Correctly

You need to mount your dash cam correctly. Doing it incorrectly can have a number of negative consequences.


Legal Restrictions

The installation location of the dash cam is one of the important factors affecting whether the dash cam can be used legally. Some states have laws regarding where you can mount cameras for your car. Many prohibit you from mounting on the windshield, some states only say that the car camera “must not obstruct the driver’s view.”  

Hopefully you considered this and reviewed your local laws before you purchased your camera. If you have yet to purchase your dash cam, be sure you understand the laws in your state and read through our buying guide so you can find the best camera for your needs.


Others Affect The Function

An incorrectly mounted car camera may give you footage that is unclear, obstructed, or not pointing in the right direction.

If you need this footage for an insurance claim or a court case, it may not suffice and your claim could be denied or you could lose your case.


Types of Dash Cam Mount

There are basically 6 options when it comes to the actual mounting mechanism for your camera. Hidden, rearview mirrors, rear view mirror clip, suction cup, adhesive, and dual camera mounts.


Hidden Mount 

This installation method requires the purchase of an OEM fit dash cam. The hidden driving recorder is built according to the style of the original car. It is usually installed at the top of the rearview mirror in the car. The camera is attached to the front windshield, which is the most correct installation position of the driving recorder. It does not block the line of sight, the installation is firm, and it will not easy to fall due to high temperature or bumpy driving.

Hidden Mount dash cam

Rear-View Mirror Mount

This one is to replace the original rearview mirror. First, remove the original car rearview mirror, use a screwdriver to remove the screws, and pull it upwards with a little force to remove it. After dismantling, install the rear-view mirror driving recorder. Generally, the rear-view mirror recorder is installed with an integrated bracket for special vehicles, which can be fixed directly. It will not block the line of sight, but it is best to buy an anti-glare rearview mirror recorder.

Rear-View Mirror Mount dash cam

Suction Cup Mounts

A suction mount may be the earliest installation method of the driving recorder. For a suction mount, you will need more space for dash cam placement. They are very forgiving when it comes to mounting. You can mount the camera, take a picture, check the angle, and if you need to adjust further, you can simply undo the suction cup.  And suction cup mounting for dash cam comes with different joint kits to fit most types of cameras. Also, they don't leave any residue or damage to your windscreen treatment. For those who prefer to put away their dash cam when the vehicle is parked, a suction mount is the best method of dash cam installation.

The drawback of a suction mount for dash cam installation is that it can cause the camera to shake while driving, creating unstable or unclear video. While the video is usually still useful, if absolutely clear videos are essential for your business, a different type of mount might be a better option.

In addition, they are more expensive than adhesive tapes and may not hold your dashcam as securely as you'd like. suction cup stands tend to lose their suction and slide or fall out of place, specifically in summer, which can easily lead to damage to the driving recorder, and the power cable will be messy because of the plug into the CLA. And it will be more troublesome to charge the mobile phone because it occupies the charging port.


Double Sided Tape Mount

A more stable option for dash cam installation is double-side tape. The Double Sided Tape Mount is also mounted on the front windshield of the center console. This is a good option if you want to set up the dashcam once and leave it. Most dash cams allow you to slide them out from the mount, but ensure that your model has this option before selecting a double-sided tape mount.

It is safe to mount your adhesive mount dash cam to the black dots on the windshield surface and it will not cause any electronic interference if you mount the tape on these dots.If you ever have to remove the adhesive from these dots.

The downside of double-sided tape is that it’s much more permanent. It is more difficult to adjust your dash cam mount or move it after dash cam installation. The tape can leave residue on the windshield or dashboard that is difficult to remove. It also makes correctly positioning the camera a little more tricky. If you need to remove your dash cam, it can almost be impossible to remove with just your fingers. We recommend using a prying tool to slowly loosen the adhesive. The best method, however, is to use a blowdryer or a heat gun. Aim the blowdryer from the outside of the vehicle (inside is ok as well) against the adhesive. 5 to 10 seconds should do, then slowly wiggle the mount back and forth. The adhesive should be a lot looser since the glue is heated up and softened. Then it will be more easier to remove.

 Double Sided Tape Mount dash cam

Rear View Mirror Clip Mount

When purchasing a dash cam, you may want to purchase a rear view mirror clip so that you can attach it to your car's mirror stem. This will eliminate the need for suction cups or other mounting devices. These mounts are generally universal, but they may be slightly bigger than the ones shown online. Be sure to check the measurements of the mirror mount you want to purchase with your car's dimensions. Then, you can see how the dash cam will appear mounted on your mirror.


Dual Camera Mount

In some instances, you may want to install an additional camera that points towards the back of the vehicle. For recording out the rear of the car you can mount another dash cam if you like in the rear area of the interior, for example on the rear windscreen, though it might be a bit too much in terms of wiring. There are also alternative devices which offer the same functionality which is known as a dual camera dash cam, which have twin lenses that can be rotated to whichever direction you want. For example, one lens can point in-front while the other records everything happening behind. These are particularly good for people who want maximum coverage but without the added cost and wiring mess.

 Dual Camera Mount


Now that you know where to install your dashcam, you can make the choice that is most appropriate for you. Take your time and thoroughly inspect your car. If you have a suction mount, it’s always best to try out different places. You can examine multiple views before choosing your final install place. The positioning of your dashcam is going to play a major role in the footage that you obtain from your dash camera. You need to ensure that you get it in the right place and at the right angle.


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