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Motorcycles are different from cars. There is space inside the car to protect it from the wind and rain, but the motorcycle is completely exposed to the outside. Therefore, motorcycle dashcams have higher requirements for dealing with rainy and snowy weather. After all, the weather is changeable. It may be sunny just now, and it may rain in the next second. If the rain recorder is damaged by water, it is definitely not good for your riding experience. If you are considering purchasing a motorcycle driving recorder, it is necessary to carefully consider the waterproof function of the recorder.


How is the Motorcycle Recorder Waterproof?

In order to prevent the driving recorder from entering the water due to the failure of the seal, ventilating holes are usually made on the casing to paste the ES series pressure balance waterproof and breathable membrane.

It has the characteristics of waterproof, waterproof fog, dustproof, breathable, pressure relief, air pressure balance, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, heat dissipation and cooling.

ES series pressure balance waterproof and breathable membranes have been used in the field of driving recorders to reach billions! The waterproof and dustproof grade reaches IP67/IP68, which is an important link in the waterproof design of the driving recorder!


At present, the speaker and MIC of the driving recorder need to be waterproof and dustproof, and they will be integrated into the VS series or VT series. They are also used in other fields, such as: consumer electronics, solar photovoltaics, 5G communication equipment, electronic control boxes, Gas detector, etc.

M1502 Motorcycle Dashcam Waterproof Test

Here to introduce the waterproof performance of the Mercylion M1502 motorbike dashcam today. First of all, let's take a look at the exterior design of this recorder. We can see that it adopts a fully enclosed housing design, ensuring good waterproof performance.

At the same time, this recorder has also passed the IP68 level waterproof test, and can continuously work under 1.5 meters of water for 2 hours, fully meeting the needs of everyone in daily use on various rainy days or humid environments. In addition, the recorder also uses high-strength Zinc alloy bracket to secure it, ensuring that it will not fall off due to bumps or vibrations during driving.

In summary, the Mercylion M1502 motorcycle recorder has excellent waterproof performance, ensuring stable operation in various harsh environments, providing high-definition recording and protection for your riding journey.


M1501 Motorcycle Dash Cam Waterproof Test

Let's take a look at a video to see how the motorcycle driving recorder is waterproof. The following test is the M1501 waterproof test.


First, put the M1501 motorcycle driving recorder in an empty water tank, and connect the main unit of the driving recorder with the front and rear lenses and the remote control.

Second, power on and turn on the dashcam, and you can see the screen of the dashcam light up. Then slowly add clean water to the water tank, you can see that the host, lens, and remote control of the recorder are soaked and submerged in clean water, but you can see that the recorder is still recording video.

Third, let's operate the recorder in water to see if its other functions can work normally. Press the host button of the recorder and press and hold the mode button to switch playback mode, photo mode, and video mode.

Fourth, press and hold the off key on the remote control to shut down the recorder. It can be seen from this that the waterproof and airtightness of the M1501 is very good. Not only the host, Bluetooth remote control, and the entire body of the cable are waterproof, but also equipped with IP68 waterproof dual lenses.

The lens of the recorder is made of high-strength aluminum and high-temperature baking paint. Compared with the fragile plastic shell, the heat dissipation is slow, not strong, not waterproof, and it will crash at high temperature. Craft CNC processing aluminum shell, fast heat dissipation, anti-scratch, anti-skid, anti-collision.


M1501, the best Waterproof Motorcycle Dashcam

motorcycle dashcam best

Record your rides with our pick of the best motorcycle cameras,This features shown as below:

Full view high-definition screen 27 inch waterproof high-definition screen, which can view the front road/rear track separately, and can record the front and rear tracks on the same screen, without side head viewing, more intuitive.


motorcycle camera dash cam

The main engine is made of polycarbonate material, which is corrosion resistant, heat-resistant, tough, sun proof, scratch proof and collision proof. Flat die wire drawing process shows noble quality.

motorcycle dash cam in car

Bluetooth wireless remote control, built-in camera, lock, power button, multi-function, easy to operate.

motorcycle dash cam price philippines

Titanium alloy bracket:

The main board can be rotated 360 ° to meet different viewing angles.
The bracket can be rotated by 170 ° to adjust the high and low angle of view when riding.
The bottom can rotate 360 °, and can be installed at will.
Multi angle rotation to meet your various installation, viewing and operation requirements.

motorcycle dash cam malaysia

EIS electronic anti shake, built-in three-axis acceleration sensor to process jittery video.

motorcycle dash cam parking mode

Increase altitude, air pressure and compass functions.GPS longitude and latitude recording The driving track is equipped with a high-precision GPS module to accurately record the longitude and latitude of all driving positions and the driving speed. All data can be viewed in mobile APP.

wireless motorcycle dash cam

F2.0 Aperture 6 glass high-definition lens, aperture matched with high-precision lens, each frame is clearly visible in weak/strong light environment, capturing every detail.

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1080P HD camera is used before and after 1080P HD dual recording, 128 ° standard wide-angle. Starlight night vision equipped with Sony IⅩ 307 image sensor, beautiful night effect upgrade.

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Collision sensing automatic locking built-in three-axis acceleration sensor automatically locks the current video when hit by gravity, so that the video is not covered.

motorcycle dash cam with gps

Cyclic video recording, full HD recording without missing seconds, cyclic video recording, new video automatically overwrites old video when the card is full, without manual cleaning.

0 traffic WiFi connectivity, without the need to link to the mobile APP, all controls, previews, viewing, playback, and downloads of the recorder can be completed on the mobile phone.

motorcycle dash cam thailand

TS format storage, no loss in case of sudden power failure. TS format storage is adopted. H.264 encoding technology is used. When the equipment is suddenly and abnormally powered off, the video files are still kept intact.

motorcycle dash cam test

Non destructive installation is suitable for formal installation, reverse installation, side installation and other installation methods to meet various motorcycle models.

motorcycle windshield dash cam

① Recorder host

② Front camera

③ Step-down line

④ Rear camera

A very well designed camera system that is easy to install, easy to use, and comes with a lot of built in tech to make captures smooth and painless. 

top 10 motorcycle dash cam

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