What is the Best Dash Cam

by Mercy Lion on October 14, 2022

Before starting to discuss what is the best driving recorder, I would like to tell you what is the function of the driving recorder. Although most car owners know this question, there are also some who do not know. The driving recorder can record the vehicle's field of vision, the car can be in the process of moving, or it may be in a stationary state. For situations such as fraud, car accidents, etc., the video recording of the driving recorder is the key evidence.


Therefore, many car owners need to install a driving recorder for the vehicle after purchasing a vehicle. However, if the driving recorder is not selected properly, it may bring some risks. First of all, if the clarity is not enough, it will not protect your rights and interests well, and it may not be used as image evidence; secondly, the driving recorders of inferior cottages may have potential safety hazards; thirdly, inappropriate driving records The device will affect the driver's concentration, resulting in normal driving.


So what are the best dash cams? The following discusses what conditions the best driving recorder needs to have from several aspects.



Is the driving recorder as long as the brand is good? This is a bit absolute. Although some are well-known brands, they may be products manufactured by other manufacturers and then labeled. Therefore, it is still necessary to buy brands with mature products and guaranteed quality. Mercylion is a brand that has accumulated more than ten years of experience in recorder products. The products are mature and stable. Here, we can confidently recommend everyone to choose our products, let Mercylion accompany your journey and record beautiful scenery. Be your third eye on the road and protect your legal rights.



Choosing a cost-effective driving recorder is the best choice. If you don’t emphasize entertainment, you can choose some functions that are just needed. A driving recorder of about 200-300 US dollars is enough.



The first is the common suction cup type, which is attached to the front windshield. The disadvantage is that it may fall off if exposed to the sun;

The second is the adhesive tape type, the advantage is stability, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to adjust after a long time, and it may leave marks;

The third type is the rearview mirror snap-on type. It has a larger screen and is installed on the rearview mirror in the car. The high-definition picture quality can also see many details of the video playback. When not in use, it is also a rear view mirror in the car. The sight glass is relatively stable and easy to install;

The fourth is OEM fit dash cams. The advantage is that it is easy to install, hidden, does not affect the style of the original car, and is not easy to fall off.

Therefore, a good driving recorder can be selected for a special car or a rear-view mirror style.




  1. Clarity


Generally, there will be 1080P, 1600P, 2K, 4K, etc. The higher the resolution, the higher the definition, but the cost and price will be higher. Generally, it can clearly see the license plate number on the car in front, and 1080P is enough, unless you often need to use the driving recorder to shoot some good-looking videos. In addition, you also need to consider the sharpness at night, here you can refer to the aperture F value, such as F1.6, F2.0. The larger the aperture, the more light it can receive, and it can record more clearly at night, but it's not the bigger the better, because the aperture is too large, its effective distance for shooting is very short, it is more suitable for For some people or close-up shots of objects, like a driving recorder, an aperture of F2.0 is more appropriate.


  1. Memory capacity


16G, 32G, 64G, 128G, etc. Simply put, the larger the capacity, the longer it can be stored. At present, the mainstream driving recorders support the earliest video coverage after the disk is full.


  1. Angle


The shooting method of the recorder is too narrow, and it is very easy to cause blind spots of sight, which endangers the integrity of the record. The current driving recorders basically have a wide-angle function. The larger the wide-angle, the larger the shooting range. Of course, shooting the scene with a wide-angle will also make the picture on both sides more serious, so the wide-angle is 140 degrees. .


  1. Reliability


The reliability of the driving recorder is very critical. The purchased driving recorder must prevent the occurrence of unstable interface due to product quality problems, and the battery life is also a very important role for the driving recorder.


Power Supply method

The first is plug-and-play rain sensor connection, reading light connection, simple operation, no wiring required, car owners without professional skills can also watch the operation video and learn to install it by themselves, which saves the cost of asking a 4S shop The cost of installation, in terms of hobbies,and satisfied their DIY joy.

The second is to connect the cigarette lighter, which is a little more complicated than the above, and requires wiring. Inexperienced car owners may need to spend a little installation fee to ask a professional master to install it.

The third is to connect the ACC fuse box. Compared with the previous two methods, the ACC connection will be more complicated. Not only the wiring, but also the position of the constant power, the ACC and the ground wire must be found, and it must be correct. If the corresponding connection is good, you also need the help of tools such as a multimeter or a test pen. It is recommended that car owners without professional skills should not try it easily, otherwise it will easily cause malfunctions in other places.

Therefore, if you want to save time and cost for installation, it is recommended to choose a plug-and-play dash cam. Mercylion's special models have a plug-and-play installation method for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche and other models. Welcome to buy Mercylion's special-purpose driving recorders.

After-sale warranty

When purchasing electronic products, it is recommended to buy a brand with after-sales guarantee. The quality of Mercylion driving recorder is stable and guaranteed, with a 1-year warranty period. If the product has quality problems within 1 year after purchase, you can send it back to our company for maintenance free of labor service fees. If the product has quality problems within 7 days after receiving the goods, it can be returned or exchanged. You don't need to hesitate or worry about choosing us.


Appropriate driving recorders can ensure our driving safety, whether it is being a fraud, being slipped, or reversing images, rear-view images, all of which are assisting our judgment and providing us with protection. Choosing a driving recorder can also be simpler, and the most important thing is stability and practicality.


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