What is Integrated Dash Cam

by Mercy Lion on November 15, 2022

Integrated dash cam also call OEM fit dash cam, wifi hidden dash cam.This is a recorder designed according to the rear-view mirrors of different models, which can directly fit in front of the central rear-view mirror of the original vehicle. It has no difference in functions, but it will look better and have better firmness.


To sum up, the integrated dash cam is 5 points as follows:

1.Integrated dash cam 1:1 restore the original appearance of the original vehicle, which is beautiful and tidy without blocking the driving sight;

2.The integrated dash cam has no built-in battery to avoid potential safety hazards caused by high temperature in summer;

3.Dual voltage and current protection for the main board and power line of the Integrated dash cam to avoid the impact on the normal operation of the recorder due to the single protection of vehicle charging;

4.The integrated dash cam can be installed without damage, without hard-wiring. It supports the butt plug of rain sensor and reading light interfaces. The installation takes around 5 minutes, which is more convenient than traditional recorders;

MERCYLION focuses on the research and development of  integrated dash cams, which covers all major medium and high-end automobile brands, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen,Land Rover, Cadillac, Maserati, Toyota, LEXUS, Tesla, Volvo, Honda, JEEP,  Ford,  Lincoln, Buick, Infiniti, etc.


If you want to install a driving recorder for your car and don't want to run the cable, then in MERCYLION, you can always choose a special car recorder that suits your car. You only need to take a few pictures of the rear Send us a photo of the rear view mirror housing and we will immediately recommend the model of the recorder that suits your car. After you buy it back, you only need to plug in the rain sensor cable to complete the installation of the recorder.


Still don't know much about the integrated dash cam? Next, we will introduce one of dash cam, A40, an integrated dash cam that can be installed in the Porsche macan.

 integrated dash cam toyota

Extremely exquisite appearance: MERCYLION A40 integrated dash cam, with angular lines that outline a formal and elegant casing. The deep lens at the front is like the wise eyes of a lion, giving you a panoramic view of what you see and hear during driving.


Face shape: MERCYLION A40 integrated dash cam runs through the original car quality concept in design and adheres to the special characteristics of special vehicles as much as possible in every detail so that a powerful driving recorder can be perfectly integrated into the exclusive car.  The beauty of art is fully displayed.


Texture: MERCYLION A40 integrated dash cam is made of high-quality ABS+PC material, which is not afraid of cold and heat. It has a matte texture, adhering to the consistent concept of endless products.


Body shape matching: If the most beautiful face does not match the body shape, the coordination of the whole body shape will be greatly reduced. Therefore, MERCYLION A40 integrated dash cam is perfectly upgraded on the basis of not changing any structure of the original car. It is completed under the premise of comparing the original car cover shell and structure. The fineness of the mold and the effect of the product after loading are perfectly integrated with the original car style.


The original appearance of the original car, hidden installation, elegance and temperament together: non-destructive installation, no broken wires, no holes, no connection to the cigarette lighter, no leakage of wires, keep it clean, the original car is powered, and bid farewell to the explosion of lithium batteries at high temperatures Danger.


Smart APP, mobile phone wireless control: MERCYLION A40 integrated dash cam is controlled by mobile phone intelligently, using the mobile phone APP application independently developed by mercylion, as long as the mobile phone is connected to the driving recorder via WIFI and controlled on the APP, a variety of Functions, pictures/videos can be browsed or downloaded to the mobile phone to share the fun of driving with friends anytime, anywhere, and can also be used as the primary evidence to prove for yourself in the event of a real touch or extortion.


5 million effective pixels: The 5 million effective pixel HD CMOS image sensor, combined with the extremely fast image processor, performs high-speed and detailed processing and rendering of huge high-definition data, bringing delicate picture quality and the most realistic colors.


2K true high-definition: The system has a built-in 2K true high-definition CMOS image sensor, which provides 2560*1600/30fps full high-definition video recording and clear images. Dark state enhancement technology processing ensures high-definition image quality no matter day or night.

143 degree wide-angle high-definition lens: perfect monitoring, both sides of the front of the car are taken into consideration, clear recording, no blind spots in the line of sight, no worries about car insurance fraud.


G-Sensor, emergency lock: the system's gravity acceleration sensor will automatically lock the video during instantaneous collisions and sudden braking. If it is not overwritten and deleted, you can also choose manual backup and lock



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