What are the best front and rear dashboard cameras

by Mercy Lion on October 11, 2022

The driving recorder installed on the car can provide strong evidence in the event of a traffic accident or dispute. At present, the driving recorders on the market can be divided into two categories, single driving recorder and front & rear dual-recording driving recorders.


Is it necessary to buy a front and rear dual recording dash cam?

The single driving recorder can basically meet our daily needs. The front and rear dual recording driving recorder is based on the single recording driving recorder, and an additional rear camera is added to achieve the purpose of front and rear dual recording. If your budget is sufficient, it is recommended to increase the front and rear dual recording. If the budget is insufficient, it is also possible to buy a driving recorder with a front camera. Because under normal circumstances, if it is a rear-end collision, it is generally the rear vehicle that bears the main responsibility, and a dual-channel driving recorder is installed, and the rear camera can record the condition of the rear vehicle. In case the vehicle behind is not equipped with a driving recorder or the video of the traffic accident is not recorded, it can only be photographed with the help of road surveillance. Therefore, if possible, try to install a driving recorder with front and rear photography, which is convenient for us to collect evidence and safeguard our rights and interests.


What are the main configuration parameters for the selection of front and rear dual recording dash cams?

  1. Choose a high-pixel driving recorder. If a driving recorder cannot clearly record the driving status of the vehicle, it is useless. After actual measurement, the pixel is at least 1080p to be able to clearly record the vehicle status. Now there are still more clearer records on the market. 1600p, 2k, 4k picture quality, correspondingly, the price will be slightly higher, and the memory capacity will also increase.
  1. If you choose the infrared night vision function, we not only need to take clear pictures during the day, but also take pictures with clear picture quality at night. You must know that the night is the time when accidents are high.
  1. The F aperture also affects the night vision function. The smaller the value behind F, the larger the aperture, the more light captured, and the better the night vision effect, such as F1.5 > F1.6 > F1.8 > F2.0.
  1. Choose a wide angle between 130 and 150 degrees. After actual measurement, the best choice is 140 degrees. If the angle is too large, the captured picture will be distorted, causing obstacles to evidence collection.

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