Screen Dashcam VS NO Screen Dashcam

by Leona Lee on April 06, 2023


When buying a driving recorder, many car owners will face a difficult choice: should I buy a dashcam with screen, or should I buy a dashcam without a screen, which one is better? The followings are the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 types dash cameras for your reference.


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Dash Cams with Screens

Dash cams with screens have a built-in display that allows you to view live footage and playback recorded footage. The screens range in size from 1.5 inches to 3 inches and provide an immediate visual of what is happening on the road. The benefits of having a screen on your dash cam are:

1. Easy to Use: Dash cams with screens are simple to use, and you don't need to connect them to a computer or mobile device to view the footage. You can watch the footage directly on the screen, making it much more accessible. According to your needs, various settings can be made. By operating the screen buttons, it is more convenient to set up and use the recorder for daily use.

2. Display clearer: The on-screen dash cam allows you to observe real-time shooting images, allowing you to see the captured images and scenes more clearly. Especially for scenes that require special attention, such as blind spots, corners, etc., it is easier to detect.

3. Playback: The playback feature on the screen lets you view the recorded footage immediately. This can be useful in determining who is at fault in an accident or identifying dangerous drivers.


4.Navigation: Some dash cams have GPS and navigation built-in, and the screen can display directions or help you find your way if you get lost.


However, there are also some drawbacks to having a screen on your dashcam:

1. Distraction: Some people may think that the screen distracts their attention while driving., especially if it is mounted in a location that obstructs their view of the road. This can increase the risk of accidents.


2. Slightly higher price: Due to the need for a built-in screen and other more complex functions, a dash cam with a screen is relatively expensive.


Dash Cams without Screens

Dash cams without screens do not have a built-in display and are typically smaller than dash cams with screens. They are designed to be compact and unobtrusive, making them easy to mount on the windshield or dashboard. There are another type of no-screen dashcam is a dedicated car recorder, which is designed with a 1:1 original ratio of the recorder housing. By replacing the original car's rearview mirror housing, and keeping the original car style. The benefits of having a dash cam without a screen are:

1.Size and Placement: The smaller size of the dash cam without a screen makes it easy to mount in an ideal location that doesn't obstruct the driver's view of the road.

2.Price: Dash cams without screens are generally less expensive than those with screens, making them a more budget-friendly option.

3.Reduced Distraction: Without a screen, there is less chance of the driver being distracted by the dash cam. This reduces the risk of accidents.

4.Easy to Hide: The smaller size and lack of a screen make it easy to hide the dash cam when not in use. Reduced the risk of car break-ins.

However, there are also some drawbacks to having a dash cam without a screen:

1.No Live Feedback: Without a screen, you won't be able to see the live feed from the camera. This can make it difficult to react to situations on the road.

2.No Playback: Without a screen, you'll need to connect the dash cam to a computer or mobile device to view the footage. This can be inconvenient if you want to review footage immediately. 

In conclusion:

Choosing a screen-based or no screen-based dash cam depends on your personal needs and preferences. 


Screen Dashcam for Car Recommend:


4k dashcam review

Price: $139


The best 4k dash cam with gps. Get a powerful driving recorder with a 4K high-definition front lens and a 1080P rear camera, all for an affordable price of $139. The V2000 screen dashcam uses Novetek NT96529 chip and Sony IMX415 sensor, providing exceptional performance. With a 3.0IPS HD touch screen, you can easily navigate and control the device. Additionally, the recorder supports 5G wifi download, offering twice the speed of 2.4G wifi for smooth video playback via the app without freezing the screen. Best of all, enjoy free worldwide shipping with your purchase of the V2000.



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Price: $ 119


M9661 is a general-purpose rearview mirror streaming media driving recorder, the main control is MSTAR (MSC8339), equipped with a 9.66-inch LCD display and a 9.66-inch full touch screen, and the front and rear lens modules can be equipped with IMX307 dual 1080P High-definition lens module, the rear camera of all series is a high-definition waterproof camera, the display screen can display a single front road picture, a single rear road picture, or a two-split display of front and rear dual road pictures, support reversing image, switch to the reversing auxiliary line for preview.

The live-streaming driving recorder is very useful on rainy days, as it uses special technology to cope with harsh weather conditions. Equipped with waterproof, anti-fog, and anti-halo lenses, which can prevent water droplets or mist from covering the camera and maintain a clear view of the camera. The streaming driving recorders also use high-definition lenses and enhanced image processing chips, which can automatically adjust the contrast and brightness of the image, thereby improving the clarity and visibility of the image, making the driving recorder clearer and more reliable in rainy weather, effectively improving driving safety.


Without Screen Dashcam for Car Recommend:

Mercylion OEM-Look Dashcam

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Feature: Mercylion are focused on OEM-look dashcam for various car brands:

Mercedes Benz





land rover
















1:1 restore the original rearview mirror housing design, keep original car style, no block the sight. 2K HD, WIFI connection, NT96675 chip, and Sony IMX335 5M CMOS sensor. Which is high quality and reliable.



fitted dashcam

Price: $129

Feature: A99 is a similar OEM-look design dashcam, but there are some differences, it is not a recorder that replaces the original car rearview mirror housing. But its installation position is also behind the rearview mirror. This kind of rearview mirror does not have the original car sensor housing, but only a pillar of the rearview mirror. The appearance of A99 is U-shaped. So it can be well installed on the windshield around the pillar, blending with the original car without blocking the view.


Screen Dashcam for Motorcycle/Bike Recommend:


moto dash cam


Feature: M1502 motorcycle safety camera Novatek version adopts NT96675 chip and a 3.0-inch 854*480 display screen; the display components of the whole machine adopt a fully laminating process to make the display effect of the product better, and better realize dustproof, waterproof and anti-fog; the whole machine It can pass the protection level of IP68;


No Screen Dashcam for Motorcycle/Bike Recommend:


motorcycle dash cam reddit

Price: $179

Feature: M1000 is a motorcycle driving recorder with high-performance Novatek NT96675 processor and IP68 waterproof grade.

It has deep waterproof front and rear, and AHD1080P high-definition camera; It supports taking pictures at any time, and one-click locking of the currently recorded video for easy reference; Supports 24-hour G-sensor collision sensing parking monitoring function, supports air pressure/altitude digital display; BSD dual-mode precise positioning, including driving track, latitude, and longitude, speed, and can be connected to mobile APP through hotspot to view video and driving track without traffic.


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