Mercylion M1502 Motorcycle Dashcam Interface Guide | Complete Feature Overview

by Mercy Lion on July 18, 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Mercylion M1502 Motorcycle Dashcam interface. In this detailed walkthrough, we will explore all the essential features and functions of this advanced motorcycle dash cam dvr. From recording cycle time to GPS positioning, from WIFI connection to Bluetooth remote control, we've got you covered.

  1. Video display
  2. Recording cycle time
  3. Driving collision switch
  4. Video audio switch
  5. GPS search and positioning status
  6. WIFI connection status
  7. Bluetooth remote control connection status
  8. Power recording indicator light
  9. Scroll up button (recording pause)
  10. Scroll down button (photo button)
  11. mode key
  12. Menu key
  13. Altitude display
  14. Air pressure display
  15. Recording time
  16. Current time
  17. Display year, month, and day
  18. Longitude and latitude display
  19. Driving speed display
  20. Compass dial display


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