Is Dash Cam Necessary for Your Own Car

by Terry Hu on March 02, 2022

Dash Cams Are Becoming Increasingly Popular With Everyday Drivers. Whether you drive a luxury sports car or an average family sedan, dash cams are a great way to record your every move. They're an excellent way to relive family road trips, capture bizarre human behavior, or even document the passing of a meteor. But are they necessary for your own car? Read on to learn more about this popular vehicle accessory. Weigh the benefits against the downsides.


They Can Watch Out for These Scary Insurance Scams

Most people would prefer not to be a passenger in an auto accident. But some scam artists go out of their way to set you up with a fake accident, in “jumping in” fraud, one or more individuals falsely claim to have been a passenger in a vehicle that has been involved in a collision with the goal of collecting an insurance settlement. We recommend that every driver have a dash cam to debunk their lies and prevent scammers from illegally extorting money from you for something you haven’t even done.


They can Keep an Eye on Your Car

Your car matters a lot to you and you always feel anxious about what could happen when you are not looking. Some dash cameras can be set to parking mode. While your camera is set this way, you can monitor what goes on in the parking lot.

Deter thieves
If you park on a city street, a dash cam can photograph a thief entering your car. It can alert you if noise or motion is detected. So, you’ll have both notification and footage of any break-ins, attempted break-ins, vandalism, bumps, door dings, etc. YouTube videos show the startled faces of thieves as they realize they’re being photographed.

Prevent being sideswiped by trash trucks
Or if someone bumps your car when parking, the camera’s motion detector starts a recording and sends a message to your smartphone.

Monitor a Mechanic
A dash cam could even monitor a mechanic, checking if he or she actually does the required work and test-drives the vehicle afterward.


You can Drive with Extra Eyes

ADAS Safety Function
Some dash cams provide safety features such as lane departure warnings and collision alerts. They can detect if a car is approaching quickly and alert you to the oncoming reckless driver.

Watching Your Teen Driver
Once you add your teen driver to your policy, your insurance costs may go through the roof! A lot of parents are finding peace of mind as a result of dash cams in the car for inexperienced drivers. This is also a great tool for teaching your young ones how to drive, and what to expect on the road. If any accidents do occur, the car video camera footage can also be reviewed to determine if it was the teen’s mistake that can be corrected going forward, or if the liability lies with another driver on the road.

When Your Friends Borrow Your Car
Has a friend or family member ever borrowed your car and returned it in a state that’s completely different from when they picked it up? Whose Insurance Pays When My Friend Crashes My Car? If you install a dashcam in your car, you may who would be responsible for this problem. The presence of a dashcam can help control reckless drivers. The idea of being recorded can also cause them to adhere to the rules of the road.


They Can Save You Money

Investing in a dash cam will save you money in a variety of ways.

First, it will protect you from auto insurance fraud that can cost you a considerable amount of money. Fraud costs us all money, and it's not fair to be liable for it when you don't have to.

If you've ever been in an accident, you know how costly it can be. The footage can help you prove your innocence or even prove that the other driver wasn't to blame. This evidence can help you reduce your insurance rates dramatically.

While a dash cam will not necessarily save you money in an accident, it can help you gather valuable evidence. It also can help you to improve your driving skills and avoid getting tickets. In some cases, traffic police issue drivers tickets for all the wrong reasons. The best way to catch such incidences is through the use of a dash camera. Looks like that dash cams can save you thousands of dollars over the years.

In addition to preventing accidents, dash cams can help you protect your entire fleet. You don't know what happens on a daily basis in your vehicles, and dash cams can provide valuable evidence to help you hold staff accountable for driving safely. Thereby, reducing vehicle safety incidents can help protect your property and save you money on repairs. Furthermore, some insurers even give you a discount on your insurance because of the dash cam's safety features.


They May Invade Privacy

A California judge has ruled that dash cams may invade a person's privacy if the driver does not have consent to record the footage. In addition, many states have wiretapping laws that restrict recording of a person's image or voice. This judgment is also important for taxi drivers, who must have clear signage that warns passengers of the camera's presence. The law requires a written policy and a clear explanation of what the camera is recording.

Although dash cams may invade privacy, most operators describe them as a valuable investment in safety. They may be used to monitor employees' performance, but they can also cause friction between management and employees, some drivers may be suspicious that their employers are spying on them. Some Internet sources report unverified stories about trucking companies spying on their drivers. Therefore, it is important to discuss with employees the risks associated with dash cams before implementing them. Organizations must inform drivers that their dash cams may be used for legitimate business purposes. In most jurisdictions, dash cams cannot be used to monitor the activities of individuals inside the vehicle without the driver's consent. If for business purposes, most companies are regulated to inform their employees that dash cams may be used, and they can use the footage to exonerate their employees, prevent false claims, and correct dangerous driving behaviors. However, dash cams are not used for surveillance while the driver is off duty.



Accidents happen every day in the world, and it's important that you keep yourself protected. In this age where recklessness abounds, you can't risk getting on the road without a contingency plan. As we list above; the pros of investing in a dashcam will always outweigh the cons. However, it also goes both ways. The footage can also be used against you and may implicate you when you are at fault. So in a way, having a dashcam should compel you to drive more defensively and especially not participate in road rage. Dash cam or not? The decision is up to you.


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