How to Maintain Your Dash Cam

by Mercy Lion on November 11, 2022

Many people who own cars will not forget to go to the repair shop for maintenance even if they don't drive for a year. If they drive for a long time, they may need to have maintenance twice.

The purpose of car maintenance is to improve the performance of the car, check the aging of all parts and replace them in time, reduce unnecessary maintenance in the later period, improve the service life of the car, and make driving more comfortable and safe.

So, have you regularly maintained your dash cam?

Probably 90% of friends don't have the habit of maintaining their dash cam regularly. Because many friends bought a new recorder and installed it, they will think everything is done, now can leave it, and it will work well all the time. And this behavior is a big security risk. And why is that? Because dash cams record videos, they all need a memory card to store the footage, and the recorded videos can be shared to your social media when driving is happy. But when something happens, it can be used as strong evidence. Do you think it is important? If there is no monitoring on the road, you are suffering car insurance fraud, and find your dashcam doesn’t record the video, you will realize how is important to check your dashcam regularly.


Next, let's talk about how to properly maintain the driving recorder. The first question we need to consider is what problems will the dashboard camera encounter in the process of using it? Generally, the most common problem is that we will encounter dust and other dirty things on the lens of the recorder, which will lead to shooting video quality is not clear enough, so the lens of the driving recorder is the key protection object for maintenance.

1.Lens protection: In the process of using the driving recorder, you must pay attention to equip your own driving recorder with a UV, followed by some special occasions such as places with high humidity) due to many uncertain factors that may probably lead to the lens being damaged, the UV lens can protect the lens well.

2.Cleaning protection: After the driving recorder has been used for too long, there will be a lot of dust, so it is necessary to wipe the driving recorder with a soft cloth frequently to keep the cleaning tools ready. It can also include ear wash balls, small brushes and lens paper.

3.Battery protection: If you are using a removable lithium battery recorder, the first three charges of the new battery should be about 12 hours, so as to maximize the battery power, and the subsequent charging can be fully charged. Secondly, when we travel, we should store the battery in a dry and cool environment, and try to avoid the battery and the metal objects stored together, resulting in a battery short circuit. However, it is generally not recommended to choose a detachable lithium battery, which has a large safety hazard and is easy to explode. You can choose a dash cam with a button battery.

4.Stability protection: When we install the driving recorder on the car, we must install it firmly. If the installation is not firm, the driving recorder will shake with the driving of the vehicle, which will cause great damage to the internal parts of the driving recorder, so we can check whether the driving recorder is firm from time to time.

Installing the integrated driving recorder will not have such troubles. It is customized according to the proportion of the original car's rearview mirror housing and can be seamlessly connected to the original car. If you have high requirements for the appearance of the original car and are more concerned about driving record stability after the installation, you can consider the MERCYLION integrated driving recorder.

5.Prevent high-temperature exposure: Home driving recorders also belong to precision electronic products, and usually do not have high-temperature sunscreen function, so try not to leave the driving recorder in a high-temperature exposure environment as much as possible. Or you can directly buy a high-temperature driving recorder when you buy it, which can effectively protect against sun exposure.


Maintenance methods for common faults of dash cam


The crash without booting refers to the solution to the situation that the machine does not start or the machine does not respond during startup work and stays in a certain state after excluding the power supply problem.

(1) First take out the SD card or TF card, and press the power button to confirm whether it can be turned on

(2) If it still does not turn on, please look at the side of the machine, find the RESTE" hole, use a soft object to poke the reset hole, and then press the power button to see if it starts up.

(3) If the black box starts normally, it means that the problem is with the card. Next, please format your card.

(4) Insert the card after formatting it, if it still crashes, it is recommended that you replace a memory card.

2.Does not turn on

When the machine is started, it does not work, or after the crash, it still does not turn on after troubleshooting through the crash solution.



(1) Check whether the power cord is normal, check whether the indicator light of the car charging source is working normally, and whether the charging indicator light on the recorder is working.

(2) Check whether the power button is pressed to take effect. Generally, when the power button of the driving recorder is pressed, its work indicator will turn on (the work indicator is generally blue)

(3) Reset the machine after pulling out the card, press the power button to see if it is turned on

(4) If the problem cannot be solved, please contact the merchant or local dealer to solve it


Automatically stops when recording video

The reason is because the memory of the high-definition video data is full, and the video cannot continue to be recorded.

(1) The inspection machine has set the video loop function.

(2) Check the recording format of the machine, set the recording video format, and try to save space.

(3) Please use a high-speed TF card compatible with SDHC, the high-speed TF card will have C4 or C6 logo.


There is a pause or frame skipping when the video picture is replayed

The reason is that there is an error when storing the data or the quality of the memory card is the solution to the problem

Use the format function to format your SD card or TF card


The image is hazy or blurry after recording

The main reason may be that the lens is not clean enough, or the front windshield is not clean enough. Solution: Wipe the lens clean.

The main reason for the high noise of the recording is due to the low power situation.

Solution: Make the recorder fully charged before recording.

When the video is played on the computer, the machine is stuck, and the video is incoherent

The reason may be the incompatibility of the card or the problem of the player format.

(1) First of all, it is recommended to change the computer player to play;

(2) Replace a formatted high-speed card.

After the car charger is connected, the power indicator lights of the car charger and the driving recorder are on, but the reason for not turning on the car may be that the car charger does not match.

Solution: Use the original car charger provided by the manufacturer


How to fix the white screen of the driving recorder?

Solution: The white screen is the most common fault of the driving recorder, and it is also a serious fault, because once the white screen appears, it basically needs to be repaired, and the riders cannot handle it by themselves. Most of the reasons for the white screen are circuit problems, such as poor battery contact, and the soldering position of the circuit board falls off. The rear lens of some front and rear dual-lens dash cams is particularly prone to a white screen. The reason is also because their rear lens is connected to the host by a cable. If the connector is loose and there is poor contact, a white screen will appear. , If this is the case, you can turn off the power, then unplug the cable and plug it in again, remember to insert it in place. If it really doesn't work, please ask the recorder brand for after-sales service.


Every car owner who has bought a dashcam, remember to keep the invoice and warranty card, so that when your dashcam fails, you can effectively and timely solve the problem! If you haven't installed a dashcam, you can learn about mercylion dash cam. The product quality is good and the after-sales service is guaranteed. The key is very cost-effective!



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