How to Hide Dash Cam Wires

by Terry Hu on June 01, 2022

If you're looking to hide dash cam cables, you've come to the right place! There are several ways to hide dash cam cables and avoid the wires. One way to hide dash cam wires is to wrap them around the windshield. Another way is to place them underneath the dashboard or under weather stripping. You can also conceal the cable with gum tape. This solution is more effective than wire clips and wires.


Your Dashcam Mount Place

It is advised that the car dash cam is installed near the rearview mirror, at the top center of the windshield for optimal operation. Make sure that the lens is within the range of the windscreen wiper to ensure a clear view when it rains.


Decide on Your Dashcam's Wiring Routh 

Determine the wiring path of the driving recorder, The wiring mode used here is hard-wiring a dash Cam to your fusebox, as shown in the figure below, and it adopts the method of hidden wiring, so as not to damage the appearance of the original car, clear and looking good.


Since we are running a power cable from the dashcam to the fuse box, find the location of the fuse box in your car as the picture shown above. Generally, there are two fuse boxes in the car. Most vehicles have a fuse box underneath the dashboard on the driver's or passenger's side. In this case, the fusebox is easily accessible below the steering column (behind a removable panel). Consult your owner's manual for the location of the fuse box in your vehicle.


Route the Cables Along the Passenger Side

Before connecting the dash cam to the vehicle, check that your vehicle has a suitable 12V power supply. Some car shops hard-wire dash cams to the vehicle's fuse box. If you can't find an appropriate fuse for your dash cam, you can always contact a professional for help. The process is not difficult, but it's important to be cautious.

The dash cam cable can be routed on the passenger or driver's side of the vehicle. In most cars, the power cable is long enough to be routed on the passenger side of the vehicle. It’s better to hide the power cable of your dashcam on the passenger seat side as it will stop any tangles with the steering column wiring loom on the driver's side.

Starting at the dashcam, lay out the power cable through the headliner above the front windshield, route the wire to the A-pillar, then down to the fuse box, the destination is the fuse.


Step 1: 

Hidden your dash cam wire is to run it all along the headliner, the headliner of most vehicles now has a certain degree of elasticity, the wires can be buried inside by simply pulling them apart with your hands. You can also use clips to keep the wire tight. Putting one on the top right of the windshield is enough to remove the slack from the wire and prevent it from falling.

Hidden your dash cam wire is to run it all along the headliner

Step 2:

Run the wires into the A-pillars along the headliner. In most situations, simply tugging on the rubber trim along the A-pillar reveals a gap in which the power cable may be run from the headliner down to the fuse box. In rare cases, it may be necessary to remove the A-pillar cover which will allow complete access to this area of the vehicle for the routing of the power cable. Generally, vehicle A-pillars have buckles. At this time, you need to give some force to open the trim panels. The gap in the trim panel does not need to be too large, you can run the wire along it. Consult your vehicle's technical manual or consult a professional if you are not sure how to remove interior panels.

Note: If your vehicle has a side air curtain, be sure to run the wire behind the airbag, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the side air curtain.

Run the wires into the A-pillars along the headliner

Step 3: 

When you reach the A-pillar run the power cord under the weather sealing of the door frame. Running the cable under the weather sealing rubber strip ensures that it is securely held in place.

 run the power cord under the weather sealing of the door frame

Step 4:

Depending on the model of your vehicle, you may need to remove some trim or open some panels to gain access to the fuses.

remove trim to gain access to the fuses

After opening it, you will see these colorful fuses.

The step-down line has three connectors, red-acc, yellow-VCC, black-negative ground, if you don't need parking monitoring, just install red wire and black wire

The selection of the socket must follow the instruction manual. There are several places for the negative grounding iron. It is recommended to choose the one that is easier to screw.

Tie up the long and excess power wire together. Then, safely secure the wiring to a solid mounting point underneath the dashboard or behind the kick panel using more zip ties.


Hide the Cables with Gum Tape

Above we have introduced the two easiest ways to hide your dashcam wire, run it all along the headliner, down the weather sealing or the rubber stripping of the A-pillar, and then under the dashboard. You can also use gum tape to hide the cables in your car's dashboard. This will prevent people from noticing your camera when you're driving. The gummed tape will keep the cables from getting damaged by the wind. The adhesive will also keep the cables from falling down. Once you've installed the dash cam in your car, you can keep it hidden by using gum tape or clips. This way, your car's dash cam will remain in perfect working condition.



If you would like to fit a dash camera but don't want wires trailing all over the place. You might as well try your hand at hiding the wiring. Typically, it is easy to hide the wires from the headliner to the A-pillar. Probably, it just only takes you about 30 minutes to get it all squared away.



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