How Does Wifi Dash Cam Work-Mercylion

by Mercy Lion on October 24, 2022
What is the Wi-fi feature in Dashcams?

WIFI driving recorder means that driving recorder connected via wifi.

Most of the ordinary driving recorders have their own screens, and the car owner can directly retrieve the information on the driving recorder. Mercylion WIFI driving recorder does not have its own screen. It has a built-in wifi transmitter. The car owner needs to connect to his mobile phone (Android or Apple system) or computer through Wifi and download a supporting software to replace the screen. That is to say, the car owner does not need to sit in the car, and can monitor the situation inside and outside the car within the range of the WiFi hotspot (100 meters).


Comparison of the advantages of WIFI dash cam and without wifi dash cams

In the past, videos recorded by us need to be uploaded for other reasons, so we must take out the memory card and process them on the computer before uploading. The main advantage of Mercylion WiFi is that it does not need to remove the camera from the car. In contrast, the dashboard camera with built-in wifi function allows you to complete tasks remotely from your smartphone in minutes.

Previously, emergency recorded videos were stored in the memory card. Unfortunately, a serious car accident may lead to the damage of the dash cam or the loss of the data in the memory card due to some human factors. The WIFI function can set automatic SYNC through the APP. If there are emergency video clips, they will be automatically backed up to the designated mobile phone or other connecting devices, even if the above problems are encountered, At least there is an important segment in the mobile phone, so as to safeguard our own interests!

This instant access is invaluable when it comes to driver troubleshooting. For example, if you were involved in an incident and it wasn't your fault, a dash cam with Wi-Fi would allow you to instantly download and share video evidence of the incident with law enforcement, proving your innocence on the spot.


The operation method of wifi driving recorder

First download the Mercylion driving recorder APP on the mobile phone, then open the driving recorder, switch to the connection interface to connect the recorder, open the mobile phone wireless network connection settings, connect the driving recorder wifi Internet, and then enter the recorder management interface, click to view The video recorded by the dash cam can be viewed, and the actual operation of the device can be set.


Does the wifi of the driving recorder have to be connected all the time?

The wifi of the driving recorder is best to be connected all the time. The main purpose is to facilitate the connection to the mobile phone, transmit data through the wireless function, and remotely watch the video recorded by the driving recorder on the mobile phone in real time. Photograph. Especially for hidden records, it is more convenient to transport and check the operation. However, the wireless function of the driving recorder with its own display is not so important, because it is very convenient to directly check the files on the driving recorder.


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