How Does Dash Cam Parking Mode Work-Mercylion

by Mercy Lion on October 26, 2022

What is the parking monitoring mode?

The working principle of parking monitoring is the same as that of video recording in an emergency. It uses the G-sensor to sense, wake up the dash cam, record video and other functions. Easily to say is parking monitoring, which can be taken after the car stops. Generally, when the car stops, if the car vibrates due to abnormal reasons, the parking guard will automatically wake up to take some photos or record a video to record the surrounding conditions. When you start the DASH CAM again, you will also be prompted. Although this function is very good, if the sensitivity of the parking guard is too high, it is easy to cause a high false alarm rate. You can adjust the sensitivity of the parking guard. This principle is also used by some wireless remote control game controllers that we often see around us. At present, most of the dash cams on the market use 3-axis gravity sensors with high sensitivity and small error.

Mercylion dash cam offers an advanced inbuilt 24 hours triggered parking mode. This mode in the dashcam ensures immediate recording whenever its G-sensor detects any motion while your vehicle is parked and the engine is off. Parking mode eliminates the need to leave the camera continuously On when you park your car, ultimately saving the cameras’ battery energy.

Among them, the specific rules of the parking monitoring function are as follows:

When the ACC signal is OFF, that is, the whole vehicle is powered off, and in the event of a sudden special collision, the system gravity sensor (G-SENSOR) will be activated, and the driving recorder will be awakened and enter the emergency recording mode. The driving recorder will start emergency within 4S. At this time, the driving recorder will record and save the 15s video file to the emergency video folder, and then enter the sleep mode again.


The conditions for emergency video recording are:

  1. The vehicle body battery voltage is normal, and the battery shall not be damaged to ensure the normal power supply of the vehicle;
  2. SD card shall not be damaged, that is, the dash cam can detect the SD card and store the file normally;
  3. The tachograph needs to meet the conditions for emergency recording, that is, the acceleration generated by the collision exceeds the calibration value;

Note: To avoid being too sensitive, the acceleration calibration value of the DASH CAM is high, so the emergency recording function of the DASH CAM will not be enabled when the collision is not severe.


Parking mode recording comes in handy in a variety of situations, including:

Any minor bump or ding.

If your car is the victim of a hit and run while parked.

If anybody attempts to break into or steal your vehicle

If you’re given an undeserved parking ticket or other traffic violation citation

A dash cam with parking mode can provide evidence for insurance claims.

Does parking mode automatically turn on?

Dash cams are designed to record your drive, but did you know that a Mercylion can also monitor your vehicle when you’re not around? Once you turn off your ignition in your vehicle the dash cam will switch from Continuous Recording mode to Parking Mode.


How do i enable parking mode?

In order to enable parking mode on a Mercylion Dash Cam you will need to do the following:

Install the dash cam with either the plug and play cable or the fuse box hardwiring power cable. Go into your Dash Cam Settings > DVR Settings, Parking Mode is enabled by default. You can also turn off the parking mode by selecting the off button, but this is generally not recommended. It is recommended to keep the parking mode open all the time. You can set the sensitivity to Low, Medium, High.


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