How does a 4G dashboard camera works

by Terry Hu on September 27, 2022

With the rapid growth of car ownership, driving safety and vehicle safety have increasingly become the focus of people's attention, and the Internet of Vehicles has become the focus of global economic and technological development. As an important guarantee equipment for driving safety, the intelligent driving recorder will assume more and more important responsibilities.

What is a 4G Dash Cam?

The driving recorder that can support 4G LTE real-time networking can solve the problem of anti-theft and anti-scratch after parking. When the above accident occurs, the car owner will be notified in the form of SMS/MMS/live photos immediately.

The difference between 4G driving recorder and traditional driving recorder

The core function of the traditional driving recorder is the audio and video recording during driving, that is, video recording, recording, and taking pictures, which can be used as audio and video evidence for law enforcement claims in the event of an accident or touching porcelain. The main stage of its effect is during the driving process of the vehicle. In actual work and life, the stolen and scratched vehicles after the parking person leaves are the real headaches. How to realize the parking space? Vehicle safety after people leave is a stubborn problem in the entire industry at present, and there is no practical solution so far.

Networkable high-definition driving recorder, anti-theft, anti-scratch and anti-collision SMS alarm after parking, and real-time viewing of live video after the alarm; a huge market. It is also the product that major car brands have been looking for.

The working principle of 4G driving recorder

The traditional driving recorder, its core main control chip, the current mainstream are Ambarella, Zoran, Novatek, Taixin, etc. In fact, it is the main chip function of a DV, and the core is audio and video. In addition, in order to realize the vehicle monitoring and alarm after parking, the vehicle-mounted recorder device must have networking function, so that when the unexpected situation of theft and scratching occurs again, the vehicle owner can be notified in real time through the wireless network, such as SMS/MMS, on-site Photo push and other methods all require the device to have Internet networking capabilities, and to be online in real time to push the alarm in time.

In addition, another core function of this type of product is low power consumption, because after parking, the only source of power for the device is the built-in battery and the car battery. To be able to work continuously on the Internet for a long time, the power consumption must be very low. .

For traditional Ambarella, Novatek and other chips, to connect to the Internet, an independent 4G dial-up Internet access module must be connected, so that the power consumption of the whole system will be very large, which is not suitable for driving recorder products.

Throughout the industry, the main control chips that can realize low-power networking and video recording are only mobile phone chips. The mainstream mobile phone chips are optional, including a limited number of core chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Hisilicon.

Regarding the power supply after parking, you can use the step-down line to take power from the car battery to supply power to the driving recorder, turn on the motion detection recording mode, greatly save the recording space consumption, and keep the 4G link always online, so as to ensure that in the event of an accident, you can The fastest network alarm to notify the owner.

In addition, by using a mobile phone chip, such as MTK's chip, the Android operating system can be used, so that the map can be easily embedded to realize functions such as navigation and electronic dog.

Mercylion is about to launch a 4G LTE driving recorder, stay tuned.


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