How Do Dashcams Work?

by WANG XIN on April 19, 2024


In this era of rapid development, the tachograph has become a necessary product for each vehicle owner. The dashcam is a tool that can record what is in front or behind the vehicle as you drive. Its essence is to use the car as a power source, after the vehicle starts, as long as the equipment is powered on and is kept on, it will help you record the real-time passing of the vehicle. The dashcam automatically saves video when it detects a collision, can withstand extreme temperatures under the windshield, is relatively easy to install, and is very convenient. But how do dashcams work, do you know that? This article will provide an introduction to the basics of tachographs so that you are ready to understand how tachographs work.

Start from the basic knowledge:

The dashcam is primarily used as a prevention tool and will record evidence if you are involved in an accident on the road. Dashcams can record driving and parking videos.

A dashcam is like a digital video camera. They all record the video directly onto the memory card. However, the dashcam is not handheld. Tachographs are generally mounted on the windshield behind the rearview mirror. A dashcam records the road in front of the vehicle while driving. When stopped, the dashcam can also record movement and impact. You can have a dashcam that records 720p, 1080p, 1440p or even 4k.

How to provide power to the dashcam:

How to provide power for the driving recorder, which is also the background of a lot of friends' private letter problems. There are three main ways to power a dashcam camera.

1. 12 Volt outlet
How is the cigarette lighter connected to the dashcam: Cigarette lighter power supply, that is, the recorder itself supporting the power line adapter directly inserted in the cigarette lighter.

2. Hard connect the cables
How does Fuse power cord to connect the live dashcam: it has two lines, one line is used to build the iron, and one line is used to connect the ACC power supply fuse, when the vehicle is in the car, the fuse is energized, so as to power the recorder, when the fire is turned off, the fuse power off, the dash cam is also accompanied by power off.

3. OBD cable
How does the fuse power cord to connect the live dash cam: it has two lines, one line is used to build the iron, and one line is used to connect the ACC power supply fuse, when the vehicle is in the car, the fuse is energized, so as to power the recorder, when the fire is turned off, the fuse power off, the recorder is also accompanied by power off.

4. Rain sensor( special car for special use )
How does the rain sensor connect to the dashcam:

First, find and disconnect the original car rearview mirror camera line.
Second, connect the plug of the recorder camera with the line, and use the insulating tape to fix it.
Third, remove the rearview mirror bracket and fix the recorder in the appropriate position.
Fourth, adjust the camera Angle to ensure that the best video effect can be obtained.

Do I need to delete old videos myself?

There are a lot of people who are worried that the recorder will be on and the memory will be full. So do the dashcam users need to delete old useless videos by themselves? The answer is not required! The common high-quality recorders on the market have a continuous recording or cyclic recording function. Once the micro SD card is full, the recorder will record the oldest video.

What happens when I have an accident?

In the daily driving process, it is not difficult to find that there will be traffic accidents every day, some may be due to the morning and evening peak traffic flow leading to crashes, and some may be due to the correct operation of lights leading to rear-end collision. To ensure the protection of the interests of owners after traffic accidents every owner will install a tachograph on the car.

What does a dashcam do? Dashcams can detect collisions by using a built-in gravity sensor. Galileo sensors can detect changes in acceleration. When the gravity sensor detects an impact, the impact recording will begin. Some of the standard features are gravity sensors and impact recordings. The impact log will record 10 seconds before impact and 10 seconds after impact. The crash records are kept in a different folder file so that the dashcam does not record any crash records.

How does the dashcam work in flameout mode?

The dashcam must be hardwired to turn off the engine. Dashcam holders can hardwire the dashcam by using hardwired cables. The flameout state will detect if the igniter is on or off and will switch between continuous recording and flameout. When stopped, the shutdown state will also record the movement and impact.

Will a dashcam put me in a safer environment?

The answer is yes. The best dash cam for a car in a way, it's a device that makes it safer. Generally speaking, the dashcam will use its product characteristics - continuous recording to better protect the safety of the owner, if there is a traffic accident or dispute, the video and photos in the recorder will become the evidence to protect the rights and interests of the owner. New features have also been added to some of the new dashcams: for example, it can act as a security camera to protect the vehicle when it is left unattended. Automatically sends a message to the owner's emergency contact in the event of a collision with another vehicle or object.


The main purpose of the vehicle camera module produced by Mercylion is not only to be used as a dashcam but also for parking monitoring. Therefore, the choice of the vehicle camera module by the tachograph supplier also needs to be controlled, and the quality is also very critical while controlling the cost. If you are interested in the best dashcam, please contact Mercylion for more details!


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