Does the dashcam still work when the car is turned off?

by WANG XIN on April 19, 2024


In today's society where the existence of automobiles is very common, the dashcam auto exists as a complementary commodity of automobiles. For example, your car parked in the community for a night, and found that the car was scratched before driving in the morning, which reflects the importance of the tachograph. Many dashcam users have no idea about the work of the dashcam. Today, let's have a topic about whether the car will still work after the engine is turned off.


Under normal circumstances, the standard dashcam will stop working after the vehicle is turned off. But there are also a small number of rove dash cams that continue to work when the car is stoppedIf you choose a recorder with a parking mode function, it means that it can provide 24-hour monitoring and better protection of the vehicle.

This mainly depends on which wire of the vehicle is connected to the car camera system. Some cars come with a car recorder connected to normal electricity, in this case, it will not automatically turn off and can achieve 24 hours of video. But if the ACC is connected, it will automatically shut down, and the power will be cut offThere are many more cases, mainly to see how the wifi dash cam is wired.


About 2 situations:

The first situation is connected to the cigarette lighter. If the cigarette lighter still has power after extinguishing, it will continue to work, if the cigarette lighter is powered off after extinguishing, the motive dash cam will shut down.

The second situation is the live dash cam self-carrying battery. Even if the vehicle is not powered, the owner does not turn off the car when getting out of the car will work automatically until the battery is exhausted.

The disadvantages of both cases:

These two situations both have disadvantages that is the car camera recorder will continue to draw power, resulting in a loss of battery power. This means that the next start of the engine may not provide sufficient power.

In addition, the driving recorder also works after the shutdown is that the recorder has a parking monitoring (motion detection) function. The parking monitoring function also requires a built-in battery of the recorder or a fuse ACC to take power to support.

After the vehicle is turned off, it will automatically enter the traffic monitoring mode, and the sensor will continuously monitor the condition of the vehicle, and automatically record surveillance video and store it separately in case of abnormal vibration.

Compared with normal power, the vehicle dash cam with a parking monitoring function saves more power by connecting the fuse acc network and also reduces the impact on the car battery. However, if the vehicle is not opened for a few days in a row, there will be battery loss and cause difficulties in starting.

Dashcam comes with parking monitoring:

If the live dashcam has a parking monitoring function, it can continue to video work after the vehicle is turned off, but the video time is not long, after the vehicle is turned off the recorder is not charged, and the parking monitoring function of the dashcam is divided into two kinds, one is full-time video, the other is only when the vehicle is shaken to open a short period of video.

dvr recorder

Choose professional dashcams:

The choice of a more professional tachograph is higher for vehicle safety. The highly professional tachograph provides more advanced features: clearer picture resolution, dual camera selection, special car configuration, wider viewing angle, night vision ability, and so on.

Why is choosing a more professional recorder better for your vehicle? That's because dashcams are often equipped with parking monitoring, which means they can monitor your vehicle even when you're not near it and the engine is turned offThis avoids potential hazards to the vehicle, as well as the transmission of valid evidence in the event of a traffic accident.

dvr camera


The dashcam is an instrument that records the image and sound of the vehicle while it is driving. After the installation of the driving recorder, it can record the video image and sound of the whole process of the car, which can provide evidence for traffic accidents. Therefore, it's significant for vehicle users to install perfect dashcams on the car.

Whether the dashcam needs to be opened 24 hours or not depends on the specific parking position and the individual and vehicle situation.

After reading this article, many friends may have a better understanding of the working situation of a dashcam after the car is turned off. If vehicle users are still struggling to buy a suitable dashcam, the Mercylion dashcam is the best choice for vehicle users to travel. 

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