by Mercy Lion on November 29, 2022

When you buy new car, you want to install a dash-cam as a witness of your driving daily. Before people do this, they may want to be sure if they not going to end up with a warranty issue or general issue with the dealership. So, does installing dash cam void warranty? Well, a dealership may refuse warranty service on an item which has been inappropriately maintained or modified by a customer. But they can't "void" the warranty on an entire vehicle merely because a trivial modification was made in an irrelevance part.

dash cam installation diy

Installing a driving recorder, as long as the original vehicle wiring is not been change or not been damage, the proper installation will not affect the car warranty.

By not change the original car wiring, you can use plug in install method, such as rain sensor plug-and-play power, reading lamp plug-and-play power, car charger plug in power(just plug it into the cigarette lighter socket like majority users), OBD plug in power. But car charger plug in power will not give you parking mode recording capabilities. What should you do in that case?

rain sensor plug in power supply

You can use several plug-in installation methods mentioned above, in addition, you can also hard-wire to the fuse box.Hard-wiring your vehicle dash cam provides an additional power supply and protects your battery, especially when your vehicle is off. However, a faulty connection may cause damage to parts that may void your warranty. Installing hard-wire efficiently will protect your battery, safeguard your warranty, and let your dash cam work when you need it most. Hard wiring requires professional electrical knowledge to detect the position of the positive pole and ACC of the fuse box and connect them correctly. If you are not very skilled, you can ask a professional from the 4S store to hard-wiring for you.

Therefore, this problem is not worth mentioning in terms of the necessity and advantages of installing the DASH CAM, if you want to install a dash cam to boost your car's safety and security, go ahead.



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