Do you Need a Rear Dash Cam

by Mercy Lion on October 18, 2022

When choosing a dash cam, there are dual channel dash cams that record front and rear,  is it necessary to add a rear lens? Or is that just one of those “extra luxuries” that is more just peace of mind?


We recommend choosing a dash cam with both front and rear recordings, because there are many blind spots behind the vehicle, and the front dash cam alone is not enough. So what are the benefits of adding a rear dash cam?


Record a Rear-End Collision Of a Car

The rear camera of the dash cam can record the rear-end collision, or the parking monitor records the situation of the rear of the car. Once a collision occurs, it largely proves the extent of your injury. At present, 60% of traffic accidents are related to rear-end collisions, which occur at the rear of the car, and the single-lens recorder can only record the situation in front of the car, but cannot record everything that happens behind the car, and it can’t provide video evidence for you. It is generally true to say that rear-end collision is the responsibility of the car behind, and the distance between the cars is not maintained, but you may encounter a difficult car owner, and there will be exceptions. There is such an example, when the vehicle in front was waiting for the traffic light, the rear car rear-ended, and the person behind the car insisted that the car in front slipped. The two argued for a long time, and finally called the traffic police.

Another situation is that not every car following you is equipped with a driving recorder. If your own car is only equipped with one camera, there is no way to capture the rear-end collision, so Nothing helps you document the truth.


As a Simple Reversing Image

If you choose a two-way rear-mirror dash cam recorder, you can display the situation behind the vehicle on the screen in real time by installing a camera at the rear of the vehicle. For example, when driving, it is very dangerous to have children in the blind area at the rear of the vehicle. The driver can understand the situation behind the vehicle through the video image. It also breaks the barrier that the traditional rear-view mirror is easily affected by rain and fog. It can not be seen clearly at night and has a small vision. However, with the rear dash cam, such accidents can be avoided. It can also serve as a simple reverse image and improve driving safety. However, it should be noted that the rear camera of the DASH CAM itself is used to record the road conditions behind, so the reversing perspective may be distorted.


Therefore, if the budget is sufficient, you can consider using a two-way dashcams to ensure your safety and facilitate your life. Mercylion dual channel dash cam is available for purchase.


Equipped with Sony IMX307 rear camera

Lens Material:6G+IR

Aperture Value :F/ON 2.0

Lens Angle :Diagonal  160°

Max. Resolution :1920*1080

effective pixels:2 million pixels  

Working Voltage :DC 5V

Working Currency :<150mA



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