Do dash cams record sound-Mercylion dash cam

by Mercy Lion on October 16, 2022

Does the dash cam record sound?

The main function of the driving recorder is to record the video while driving, so can you hear the sound in the recorded video? Whether the driving recorder can record sound depends on whether the recorder itself has a recording function.

Sound can be recorded if the recorder has a microphone function. While recording the video, the sound in the video will be recorded synchronously. For example, the conversation between the driver and the passenger in the car, etc., if the recorder does not have a microphone, then there is no recording function. This is an option provided by the driving recorder to the majority of car owners. As for whether to turn it on, it can be selected according to the personal needs of the car owner.


Is it legal for a dash cam to record sound?

It depends on your region, but wiretapping is punishable by law, so you should be careful. It has to do with recording conversations with people who don't know they're being recorded. When audio is active, drivers must fully disclose to all passengers that audio and video are active and that they consent by accepting the ride. If they have a problem, let the driver know so he can stop and let them out.

If there are so many benefits to having audio recording turned on in your vehicle that nothing prevents you from doing so, then you might as well use it. But if it's just going to cause you more trouble or potentially get you a lawsuit, just hit mute and add your own background music to your dashcam video.


How to set up the dash cam to record sound?

Some Mercylion dahscams have a microphone function. If you have purchased a Mercylion recorder, you can find the settings on the Mercylion APP according to your needs, and select the Record Audio button to turn on the recording function, which is very convenient.


How to disable dash cam recording?

In the same way, you can disable the recording function by selecting the close recording function in the Record Audio button.



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