A Simple Guide To Dashboard Camera

by Terry Hu on July 12, 2022

What Is a Dash Cam?

If you are looking for a dash cam for your car, you will want to read this article. Assuming that someday, you’re driving home during rush-hour traffic, and the boulevard is predictably bumper-to-bumper. The light ahead turns green, the cars ahead of you slowly inch forward, and you nearly make it through the intersection before the light blinks yellow. You start to roll to a stop, but not before the impatient motorist in the opposite lane makes a sharp left turn, right into your front bumper. He claims you drove straight through the red light. Fortunately, your dash cam recorded the whole incident. The purpose of this type of video recording device is to provide you with proof of an incident. This footage can be sent to the insurance company or the police if any incident occurs, to provide evidence as to who is at fault. Due to the large amount of fraudulent insurance scams, drivers need this protection to avoid being incorrectly blamed. Obviously, it's a good idea to invest in a dash camera that records video in 1080P or higher resolution.

Why need a dash camera in 1080P or higher resolution? The resolution will determine the overall quality of the video. Full HD or 1080P (1920×1080) is standard for dash HD cams, most dash cameras record in 1080P video resolution. However, remember that the storage capacity of a dash cam's SD card is limited. Make sure you buy one that supports the maximum SD card capacity. Otherwise, you may have trouble storing the footage on the SD card.

There are several types dash cameras on the market. Most dashcams are mounted on your windshield, the camera lens faces forward and records the road ahead of you. To be more specific, these dashcams are known as single-lens dashcams because they only have the one lens. Single lens dashcams are the most common and basic type of dashcam, and they are a great introduction to protecting yourself from the hazards of driving! Typical single-lens dashcam placement and video coverage is shown below:

The another type is dual lens dash camera. Also call "Front + rear" dashcams, or "Front + inside" dashcams. They were designed to record both in front of and behind your vehicle at the same time. The first camera will usually be of higher quality and face forwards, while the second faces inside the car, or in the rear window to capture events that occur behind the vehicle).

Dual dashcam systems include wide angle front-facing lens and wide angle rear-facing lens which provides near-360-degree video coverage around your vehicle, for a comprehensive silent eyewitness. Please see the following diagram for where the two dashcams of a "front + rear" dual-lens dashcam system are typically placed in your vehicle:

Who might want to use a "front + inside" dashcam? These type of cameras are particularly useful for taxi and Uber drivers,many rideshare drivers who have used dashcam evidence from inside their vehicle to rightfully win damage and/or cleaning fees from an unruly passenger. Please see the following diagram for where the two dashcams of a "front + inside" dual-lens dashcam system are typically placed in your vehicle:


How Does a Dash Cam Work?

If you've been wondering how a dash cam works, you're not alone. The vast majority of motorists are confused by this question and wonder how dash cams work. Next,we'll explain the basics of dash cam functionality and discuss the benefits of these car recording devices.

A dash cam is mounted onto the windscreen and records the road when you are driving. It works by using your vehicle as a power source, some dash cams are powered via the cigarette lighter cable, and some dash cams can be hardwired into the fuse box, or get a long-life external battery pack. Plug the micro SD card in the dash cam, and it will starts recording automatically when the ignition key is turned. It records on a continuous loop, with each clip filmed on a short 3-minute segment onto a micro SD card. This way, you can review the footage later, and it will not waste any fuel. Furthermore, because dash cams use very little power, they won't waste more fuel than you use to charge your smartphone. Moreover, the footage will be stored on your smartphone or PC.

Let's look at the memory card itself. Dash cams record video in the popular AVI file format on a micro SD card. Storage capacity of SD card show as the table below:


Capacity Pictures Videos(1080P)
32G About 20800 pcs About 272 min
16G About 10400 pcs About 136 min
8G About 5200 pcs About 68 min
4G About 2600 pcs About 34 min

Remember that, even with a limited recording time, a good dash cam won't simply shut off recording once the memory card is full. Most quality cameras have continuous loop recording, which means that, when they run out of storage, they record over the oldest footage. Manually locked and emergency videos are stored so that they are not erased. This allows for a nearly endless capacity for video recording without worrying about where to store all the footage. Therefore, 32G SD cards are enough for 1080P resolution. Many people choose to use 32G cards when their dash cam resolution is 1080P.

As we said earlier a dash cam starts recording automatically when the ignition key is turned. Do dash cameras work when the car is off? The answer is, yes, they can record video even when the vehicle's engine is off. If you do have an always-on or hardwired power source for your dash cam, you may be able to take advantage of advanced security features for your vehicle( the parking mode of a dash cam). The G-sensor will detect if the ignition is on or off and trigger the camera to turn on and record suspicious activity around your car, while collision detection can quickly record in the event of a bump or break in while your car is parked. This important recording will be locked automatically and will not be deleted due to loop recording. It will remain until you delete it manually or format the SD card. In addition, the motion detection function can also open the video recording when the car is turned off. This mode is a lot more sensitive and can turn on to record even on the slightest change in lighting, which means that when using motion detection, you will fill up a lot more storage in your dash cam much faster.

This makes motion detection not a suitable option for locations where there is going to be a high number of people walking by such as on the main road, near a park or a stadium for example or somewhere where there will be a lot of light shining all over the place, which will cause the camera to constantly be turning on and recording footage that has no use, apart from filling up your camera’s memory. In order to distinguish these two functions, you can understand that packing mode records after the collision, motion detection records are when vehicles or pedestrians approach and records when there is no scratching. A dash cam is a valuable deterrent to thieves and can be convenient for the driver and passengers. It is also worth considering if you're a new driver. You never know who might be causing you problems.


Are Dashboard Cameras Worth It?

If you're not sure whether a dash cam is worth it, you should check the state's laws before buying one. Some states require two-party consent before recording audio. As long as you have your permission to record audio, you'll be safe. For a relatively small investment, a dash cam has the potential to prove your innocence. It is a useful tool for capturing accidents and giving proof to insurance agencies. It helps to catch dangerous drivers and it can also potentially help lower your insurance premium. Some insurers even offer discounts to drivers who use dash cams. And models fitted with GPS can help the emergency services locate you in the event of a serious incident. Whether you want to keep track of your teen driver or monitor his or her behavior while driving, the benefits of a dash cam can't be denied.

In a word, while dash cams have been around for over a decade, they are now becoming more common in personal vehicles and companies. They are affordable, easy to install, and can benefit all drivers. They also can give you peace of mind. But do they really work? It depends on how you use it and how often you use it. But it's worth the money.


How Much Is a Dash Camera?

  High-End Dash Cam Budget Dash Cam
Features Ranges of high-end features.
G-force Integrated
Parking Mode
Lane Departure Warning
Voice function
ADAS And more

 Almost all dash cams include G-force
detection which will automatically record
important video footage to ensure it's protected. Other features can be a mixed bag in a budget cam.

Type OEM fit the shape of the original car, pleasant appearance, economic service space and no sheltering from sight. Block line of sight, It has a great impact on the visual field and is not conducive to safe driving.
Screen Cheap LCD
These cheap devices often include screens to make them seem expensive , but in reality . these low-quality displays can result in maior headaches.
Touch screen or smartphone
High-end dash cams with screens often allow for touch navigation for ease dash cams allow you to control of use, and other high-control the screen with your smartphone app.
Heat/Cold resistant Works well even in extreme weather without missing seconds and stable performance. Unable to withstand extreme weather and temperature, it may lead to "frame loss", "frequent restart" and even crash strike of the recorder.
Resolution 1080P to 4K
High-end dash cams offer crisp HD resolution so you don't miss anything on playback. Often, these more expensive devices also record at 60 frames per second
720P or less
With a budget device, you'll find a decent quality screen. However, it might not provide enough clarity to read license plates, for example.
View Angle 120° or 180°
When you want to see as much of the road at the highest possible quality , a high-end dash cam has your back with up to 180degree viewing angles.
120° or less
Many budget devices have a somewhat narrow field of view which can limit the amount of road you're able to see on playback.
Capacity UP TO 256 GB SD Card
You'll be able to set your mind at ease with most high-end cams, which usually support some of the largest memory card storage sizes.
32GB to 128 GB SD Card
Many budget dash cams are limited to the capacity of the card they support but are still usually able to hold large amounts of footage.
Hardware Trusted Brand
Unknown hardware brand
Brand Trusted Brand
High Quality
Reliable Warrenty
Products with 3C,CE,ROHS,FCC ect, Cerficate
Poor material quality
Poor reliability
Poor longevity
Unknown warranty
Lack of certificate.


Where to Buy Dash Cams

Looking for the best dash cam for your car? There are many options online for consumers to choose from, but we will take precedence to recommend the Mercylion dash Camera. Whether you need one for lower insurance premiums or just added peace of mind, you’ll find your ideal dash cam here. Mercy Lion focuses on the OEM fit hidden dash cam, the appearance is built according to the style of the original car, and it can be installed in a hidden line without damaging the interior of the original car, so as to achieve a real hidden installation, reduce hidden dangers and make it more beautiful.

Mercylion develops an integrated dash cam for each brand vehicle model. The plastic shell of this car is designed and molded to produce almost the same shell with the original car. Mercy lion has invested more than 10 million to develop more than 200 types of car-specific dash cams. The car brands included are Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Porsche, Cadillac, Maserati, Volkswagen, Lexus, Honda, Toyota, Geely, Ford, Volvo, Tesla, and other car series. Is there your car model here?

While picking Mercylion dash cam, if you want to see the video from your dash cam on your smartphone, you'll likely want to choose a model with an integrated Wi-Fi. This feature enables the dash cam to connect to compatible smartphone apps, allowing you to view and download the video while driving. You can also use the app to track your speed and location. As with any internet-connected device, you'll want to keep backup footage in case you accidentally delete your footage or your micro SD card gets corrupted.

If you don't have a dedicated car stereo, it's possible to hardwire a dash cam to your car's fuse box. Some big-box retailers will hardwire a dash cam to your car's fuse box, but that can get tricky. If you're unsure about wiring the dash cam yourself, check with a professional. Although this can be expensive, the results can be well worth it.

Most dash cams record to a micro SD card and use loop recording so that the newest video will overwrite the previous one. Most models also have built-in G-sensors, which detect impact and save footage automatically in case of an accident. You can also manually save footage and review it on the dash cam's display. Some dash cams have batteries to keep video files fresh and allow you to install them without wires. Others use a 12V power source or USB socket.

The driving recorder for Mercylion OEM Fit dash cams adopts the design of three take wires, without a built-in battery, and there is no risk of explosion, leakage, or bulging. The machine comes with wifi, and you can wirelessly operate the recorder, watch playback, and watch the real-time video through smartphones, tablet computers, and smart car devices. You deserve to have it.


Best Dash Camera of 2022

Wondering which dash cams are the best of 2022? Luckily, we've compiled a list of the top-rated dash cams that will allow you to get the most for your money. Each camera is different in terms of price, size, and stealth, but they all have one thing in common: the latest video technology. This new technology means that you can watch and record in crystal clear quality in any light conditions, and you'll have peace of mind knowing that you're recording the roadside.

We round up the best dash cams you can buy right now. Whatever kind of camera you’d like to install in your car, you’ll find the best options listed below.

1.Mercylion A10-1CH dash cam for Mercedes-Benz

+Easy to set up and use
+Full HD video with HDR

You can see why people love this camera by reading the specs. It features a 2K FHD resolution and WDR technology. With this camera, you can see what's happening at any time and even view it on your smartphone while you're driving.

2.Mercylion A20-2CH dash cam for BMW

+Great build quality
+Wi-fi data transfer
+Simple smartphone app

The A20-2CH has a strong design and is priced below $350. It offers 1080p resolution for front+rear camera and can automatically detect if you've been in an accident. The camera's display is clear and prominent. The A20-2CH's high-quality video can be easily converted into a valuable video evidence in case of an accident.


3.Mercylion A40-1CH dash cam for Porsche


+Top-quality sensor

+ Wide aperture, small depth of field, vivid color

It's a great choice if you're driving in areas where visibility is poor. If you need to see the license plate in the dark, this dash cam will make it easy. And you'll be glad you bought it.


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