by WANG XIN on April 01, 2024

Mercedes driver needs to place DVR for it, considering there may be an unexpected situation occurs, or customers just want to share splendid road scenery videos to social media. One thing to mention is that the Mercedes GLC300 2021 also fits the GLC260(5 Seats)&GLC260(7 Seats) and so on. Here will show how Mercylion G13-15 dashcam is installed on the Mercedes GLC300 2021.

2024 Mercedes GLC300 2021 trim before installation appearance.

Step 1:Removing the original car rear-view mirror shell of the Mercedes GLC300 2021

The standard box included a pry tool, used to pry open the casing on the top, just behind the rear-view mirror, and the component is simply exposed to us now. Preserve the original car shell, maybe you‘ll use it in the future.


Step 2:Connect the MERCYLION ’s Rain Sensor power cable (Y Shape cable) to the original car

Here the casing was removed by a pry tool from the Mercedes GLC300 2021.

1.There exists a white plug which is the original rain sensor, using your finger to unplug it. Now use the Y cable in the Mercylion hidden dashcam package, and plug it into place original one.

2.Plug the Y Shape cable with the original car rain sensor cable unplug just now.

3.Next, connect final side of the Y cable with the MERCYLION OEM-Looking dashcam cable.

Step 3:Carefully clasp the original car shell

After plugging all the cables, clasp the original car shell carefully, and be gentle to avoid damaging other components. Clip the dashcam and sort out the wire, Pay attention to achieve a clean and hidden installation.

Step 4:Plug SD card

Using finger to put the SD card in SD card slot with a crisp sound.Please mind correctly and stably to plug the SD card. Then all the installation was finished.

Step 5:Dash cam APP install

The instruction book includes a QR code, scan the QR code, and download the official APP. After the installation is complete, open the app and you will be prompted whether you want to confirm the permission to access the photos of the phone; click “Allow” to use the APP normally.


After finishing the step-by-step installation guide above, you can successfully install the Mercedes GLC300 2021.If you still can’t get inspired by the steps above, There will be an installation complete edition below.


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