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If Mercedes owners are looking forward to a concealable, plug-and-play, deft dashcam, the MERCYLION A11 dashcam is quite suitable for you guys. This dashcam also fits Mercedes Benz Ml320/350/400 /GL350,2012 ML350 models,2015 ML400 models,2015 ML320 models,2013 Mercedes-Benz ML350 models. Here is how to install integrated dashcams on Mercedes Benz ML350 2013.

2013 Mercedes Benz trim before installation look.

This is the appearance before installing the Mercylion A11 dashcam.

Step 1:Remove the original rain sensor

There's a pry tool to be packed in the standard boxing, use the pry tool to pry open the vehicle's original rain sensor, and also pry open the casing above the rear-view mirror. Remind to be gentle, to avoid damaging the tiny components. After removing, the tiny components are all exposed to us.

Step 2: Connect the corresponding line

There shows a blue plug, use the pry tool to unplug the blue plug. Then use Y shape cable (4 white plugs on that side, and use a female plug side). Use one female plug harness end to connect the rain sensor slot we've just emptied. Connect the blue plug you just pulled out to the male plug. Take out the Mercylion A11 dashcam shell, where there is a cable, and connect the cable with Y shape cable's single-head side. 


Start the car engine, and wait for power to the dashcam. You will find the dashcam is flickering blue for 3 seconds, then it turns red, and finally stays blue, this is the normal use of the dashcam state. (Warm reminder: if there is no SD card inside, the light also will change into red.)

Step 3:Install back the vehicle's original rain sensor shell

After following the steps mentioned above, use both hands to install back the casing above the rear-view casing first. Confirm it's fastened and install it back correctly. Second, use your both hands to install the Mercylion A11 dashcam casing, and push it toward the windshield. If you feel it is not so convenient to install it back, you can adjust the rear-view mirror location to help you install the dashcam rain sensor shell well.

Now we finished all Mercylion A11 dashcam installation.

Mercylion WIFI connection APP operation

Download the App: scan the QR code to download the Mercylion app for your phone, or search 'mercylion' in the app store or Google Player to download

Power On the Dashcam: Start your car, if the dashcam indicator light is blue then the dashcam is working normally.

Connect to Dashcam's Wi-Fi:

a. On your smartphone, go to your Wi-Fi settings.

b. Look for the Wi-Fi network name (VT5004) that matches your dashcam's model

c. Select and connect to the dashcam's Wi-Fi network.

d. You may be prompted to enter a password(default password, "12345678"). Check your dashcam's manual for the default password, or it may be labeled on the dashcam itself.


Open the Mercylion App: Launch the dedicated app you download.

Configure Settings:

Once connected, you can configure settings, such as video resolution, recording settings, and Wi-Fi password, through the app.

View and Transfer Footage:

You can use the app to view live or recorded footage.

Transfer video clips or images to your smartphone for easy sharing or storage.

Live Streaming:

You can use the app to access a live view from the camera while the vehicle is parked.

Security Considerations:

Change the default Wi-Fi password on your dashcam to enhance security. This prevents unauthorized access to your dashcam.

Final thoughts:

It's quite easy for Mercedes owners to install by themselves, thanks to its lightweight, plug-and-play, easy-to-install, complete equipment. Its functions also tend to be abundant, for instance: loop recording, parking monitor, low voltage protection, night vision, GPS optional, and so on. It will escort you all the roadway.


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