How to install Integrated Front and Rear Dashcams on Toyota Camry 2023

by Mercy Lion on November 02, 2023

If you are looking for dash cam for toyota camry or any other vehicle, it's essential to consider factors like video quality, features (such as GPS, Wi-Fi, parking mode, and loop recording), ease of installation, and customer reviews. Here shows how Mercylion G349 Integrated Front and Rear Dashcams Install on Toyota Camry 2023.

2023 Toyota Camry's trim before installation look.

camry front camera

Install the camry front camera.

The pry tool is included in the standard package, you can use it to pry open the casing on the top which is behind the rear-view mirror. Be gentle to avoid damaging the camry casing or any internal components.

dash cam for toyota camry

Here is a photo of the plastic casing that was removed from the 2023 Toyota Camry.

toyota camry dash cam install

Now take out the G349 OEM-Look front camera and install to the Toyota Camry,we need to take down the original clips from the original casing to install on the G349 dash camera's corresponding slot.Shown as the picture below:

 camry dash camera

Carefully remove the protective film covering the lens of the dashboard camera's DVR unit to ensure optimal clarity and functionality.

toyota camry camera

Y-Shape rain sensor plug-and-play cable

dash cam permanent install

Rain sensor plug-and-play connector instruction.

best buy dash cam install

Now we finsh this 2 connector of Y cable to the original car,  since we have the rear camera waiting for install, so we can connect the rear cam wire here first.


2018 camry dash cam

Hold the dashcam to the top and connect the dashcam wire to the Y shape cable rest end

installed dash cam

 Clip the dashcam and sort out the wire.

professionally installed dash cam

Now the camery front dashcam install was finished. The Mercylion doesn’t have a screen and so is fairly discreet, and it integrates into the rearview mirror to give a factory look.  

install camera in car

Install the rear camera.

Take out the C101 rear cam from the packaging box, wipe and clean the middle position of the top of the rear windshield, remove the 3M adhesive of C101 rear camera, stick and fix C101 camera in the position shown in the picture below.

camry dash cam install

Route the wire from the front cam to the rear cams

Begin at the front camera and route the cable along your planned path. In a vehicle, this often involves tucking the cable under trim pieces, along the headliner, or inside the vehicle's weather stripping.

Connect the rear cameras:

When you reach the rear of the vehicle, connect the cables to the rear cameras.

dash cam installation

Installation compelete.

dealer installed dash cam

If you still don't clear about the steps of install the Toyota Camry 2023 dashcam, check the video for more specification install operation:


MERCYLION Wifi Connection APP operation
Download the App: scan the QR code to download the Mercylion app for your phone, or search "mercylion" in the app store or Google Player to download

Power On the Dashcam: Start your car, if the dashcam indicator light is bule then the dashcam working normally

Connect to Dashcam's Wi-Fi:
a. On your smartphone, go to your Wi-Fi settings.
b. Look for the Wi-Fi network name (VT5004) that matches your dashcam's model
c. Select and connect to the dashcam's Wi-Fi network.
d. You may be prompted to enter a password(default password, "12345678"). Check your dashcam's manual for the default password, or it may be labeled on the dashcam itself.

Open the Mercylion App: Launch the dedicated app you download.

Configure Settings:
Once connected, you can configure settings, such as video resolution, recording  settings, and Wi-Fi password, through the app.


easiest dash cam to install

  View and Transfer   Footage:
  You can use the app to view live or recorded footage.
  Transfer video clips or   images to your smartphone   for easy sharing or storage.



Live Streaming
You can use the app to access a live view from the camera while the vehicle is parked.

Security Considerations:

Change the default Wi-Fi password on your dashcam to enhance security. This prevents unauthorized access to your dashcam.


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