How To Install the MERCYLION M1502 Dash Cam On Motorcycle

by Mercy Lion on November 25, 2022

Now you got your MERCYLION M1502. The MERCYLION M1502 motorcycle dash cam is the leading dual motorcycle camera system with 1920*1080 resolution, 121° degree field of view recording front and rear, 6G+IR waterproof lens material to give you total security at all times. This article takes you through the MERCYLION M1502 installation on a BMW 310, the process is very similar on all motorbikes. I hope it is helpful to you.


Let us see what is in the box.

motorcycle dash cam waterproof

1.Main host x1
2.Bracket x1
3.Camera x1
4.Power cable x 1
5.Bluetooth remote controlx1
6.Bracket Padx4
7.Stainless steel remote control bracket x 1
8.Host Bracketx1
9.Silicone padx4
10.Hex wrench x 1



Fitting any dash cam-properly is going to mean stripping your bike apart to some extent. First remove the parts on the motorcycle that affect our wiring, such as the seat, and the two side of fuel tank covers.

motorcycle front and rear dash cam

 Now finish the seat and the tank removing.

motor cycle dash cam


Next, let us take out the MERCYLION M1502 screen,
Install and fix the specific bracket to the screen with the screwdriver in the accessories bag.

dual camera motorcycle dash cam

Install the bracket and the screen firmly on the handle empty space, then adjust to the correct angle and tighten the screws with the hex wrench in the accessories bag.

top 5 motorcycle dash cam

Sort out the wires of the screen, sort out the wires of the screen,walk them from behind.

motorcycle dash cam waterproof

When you come to this place, use the ribbon that is prepared in the package to tightly bind the finished wires, and keep the wires clean and free of interference.

best motorcycle dash


Locate a position that will allow the best view, ensure the mount is secure and will not interfere with the operation of the vehicle.
The rear camera of the motorcycle recorder is usually fixed in the hidden position of the license plate or the back seat. Start the car to see which position has less vibration. Take out rear view camera install in the right place as the picture below.

dash cam for bikers

Arrange the connecting wire to the appropriate place,install the front camera of the motorcycle dashcam on the tire under the headlight as the picture below, and fix it.

motorcycle front and rear dash cam


The cable can be passed through the front of the motorcycle.
Take out the power cable, tighten the connection between the red terminal connector and the red power interface on the recorder host.

dual camera motorcycle dash cam

There are two other connecting wires on the main host.
The cable with the F mark on the cable label indicates the front camera cable.
The cable with the R mark on the cable label indicates the rear camera cable.

are motorcycles good daily drivers

Connect the front and rear camera cables separately according to the above methods. The connection terminal has waterproof and anti-oxidation ability.

what is the best dash cam brand

After the connection is completed, organize the cables
You can refer to this connection method to organize and fix the ribbons.

the best dash cam for motorcycle

The red wire on the power cable can be connected to the ACC cable of the motorcycle. It will automatically activate the recorder when the motorcycle starts . Then wrap it with special electrical tape.

motorcycle dash cam best buy

Connect the yellow wire of the power cord to the positive terminal of the motorcycle's battery.

motorcycle dash cam camera

Connect the black wire of the power cord to the negative terminal of the motorcycle's battery.

cheap motorcycle dash cam

Organize and fix the extra length of wire.


motorcycle chase dash cam


Start the motorcycle to test whether the recorder is normally powered on.
If the recorder is working normally, you can install the fuel tank cover just removed and the shells on both sides.

motorcycle dvr dash cam

Install the cushion.

diy motorcycle dash cam

Now take out the Bluetooth remote control, and find the strap from the accessories bag to fix the blue-tooth remote.

motorcycle dash cam for sale

Install on the handle on the right place, tighten the screws firmly.

Now the installation is complete.

motorbike dash cam fitting

For more details, you can look at the install motorcycle dashcam video here.


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