How to Install Dash cams on Toyota RAV4 2021

by Mercy Lion on October 27, 2023


Toyota RAV4 2021 Rear-view Mirror Casing Before the Dashcam Install.

toyota rav4 dash cam price


Remove the Toyota RAV4 2021 Rear-view Mirror Casing with the Pry Tool

rav4 prime dash cam

Here shows after the rear-view mirror housing take down

rav4 prime dash cam

When take down the Toyota RAV4 2021 Rear-view Mirror Casing, let us compare it with the Mercylion G308 OEM-Style Dashcam. Looks the same.

2023 toyota rav4 dash cam

Look at this 2 original lids on the original casing, now move it to the dashcam corresponding place and install.

toyota rav4 dash camera

 Remove the small plate cover here as the picture below:

rav4 rear dash cam

Connect the rain sensor cable between the original car rain sensor slot and the G308 dash camera.

rav4 dash cam wiring

The connection wire, you can check the installation video to get specific instruction.

G308 Dashcam Plug-and-Play Install on Toyota RAV4 2021


When finished with the wire connection, sort out the wires, cover back the dashcam casing behind the rear-view mirror, alignment every clip of the dash cam to the original car, to make sure it is firmly installed. Finally put the small rear cover plate.

rav4 dash cam install

Before installation VS After installation, looks 100% factory fitted, keep the original car style. DIY your Toyota RAV4 2021 with G308 dashcam!





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