How to install a Dash Cam on Your BMW X5 2017| Plug and Play Rain Sensor Install

by Mercy Lion on August 24, 2023


Installing a dash cam in your BMW can provide valuable evidence in case of accidents, enhance your driving experience, and offer peace of mind on the road. However, the installation process may seem overwhelming. In this article, we will provide you with clear instructions on how to install a dash cam on your BMW, we show Mercylion A20 OEM-Looking dashcam install on BMW X5 2017 for example, including the removal of the original rear-view mirror housing, plug-and-play installation steps, and guidance on effectively using your dash cam. Additionally, we will offer insights on choosing the perfect dash cam for your BMW.

Part 1: Removing the Original Rear-View Mirror Housing:

Before proceeding with the installation of your dash cam, you may need to remove the original rear-view mirror housing. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless installation:

This BMW X5 2017 special car recorder has a left and right shell structure, press the gap on the original car rear-view mirror housing shell with your fingers and use a pry bar to pry open along the middle gap. Then gently remove the plastic cover that surrounds the rear-view mirror housing. Use the appropriate tools to remove them carefully. Once the clips are removed, detach the rear-view mirror housing from the windshield, taking care not to damage the wiring or any other components.

bmw dash cam install

The dashcam for BMW X5 2017 as the picture below:

bmw dash cam installation cost

Part 2: Plug-and-Play Installation Steps:

Now that you have removed the original rear-view mirror housing, you can proceed with the installation of your dash cam. The integrated dash cams for BMW are designed with a plug-and-play installation method, simplifying the process. Follow these steps:

1.Unplug the rain sensing wire which in red terminal of the original car.
2.Use the Y cable to insert into the original car slot we just empty
3.Use the original car cable we just pull out to connect to the Y cable anther corresponding end

bmw dashcam fitting

4.Currently, only one end of the Y cable is used to connect to the dash cam. Taking the MERCYLION A20 dedicated vehicle dash cam, you can see that the dash-cam is also features a 2x2-pin structure as the original car, and we need to separate them from the middle too.

5.After separation, connect the structure of the recorder with the tail wire (on the left) and the tail wire of the Y-shaped line, organize the wiring harness, and fix the recorder on the left in the position of the rear-view mirror, as shown in the following figure.

bmw x5 dashcam installation

6.Finally, close the shell on the other side. Pay attention to the pillar indicated by the arrow here; make sure it aligns correctly. After the recorder is fastened, the recorder is installed successfully. The image below shows the dashcam installed successfully.

bmw x5 dashcam install

Part 3: How to Use Your Dash Cam on BMW:

Once the installation is complete, understanding how to use your dash cam effectively is crucial. Follow these tips for optimal usage:

Adjust settings: Familiarize yourself with the dash cam's settings, including resolution, loop recording, and timestamp options, to tailor it to your preferences.

Memory card management: Ensure your dash cam's memory card has sufficient storage space. Format the memory card regularly to prevent data corruption and maintain optimal performance.

Footage review: Connect the dash cam to your smartphone or review and download captured footage. Save important recordings to a separate device for safekeeping.

Event recording: The dash cams have a G-sensor that automatically detects collisions. Familiarize yourself with this feature and adjust its sensitivity level accordingly.

Part 4: How to Choose the Right Dash Cam for Your BMW:

Selecting the appropriate dash cam for your BMW involves considering various factors. Here are some essential points to help you make an informed decision:

Video quality: Opt for a dash cam with high-definition resolution, such as 1080p or higher, to ensure clear and detailed footage.

Field of view: Choose a dash cam with a wide-angle lens and a field of view of at least 120 degrees to capture a broader perspective of the road.

Low-light performance: Look for a dash cam with excellent low-light capabilities, such as night vision or superior sensor technology, to capture clear footage during nighttime driving.

Additional features: Consider features like GPS tracking, parking mode, Wi-Fi connectivity, and smartphone compatibility based on your specific requirements.

Size and design: Select a dash cam that complements your BMW's interior and doesn't obstruct your visibility while driving.


Installing a dash cam on your BMW is a valuable investment that enhances safety, provides evidence in case of incidents, and offers peace of mind on the road. By following the step-by-step installation guide, utilizing your dash cam effectively, and selecting the right model for your BMW, you can enjoy the numerous benefits this technology offers. Drive confidently, knowing that your dash cam is there to capture every moment, ensuring your safety and security.


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