How To Hardwiring Dashcam To Mercedes Benz b Series- A17 Dashcam

by Mercy Lion on August 08, 2023

Installation tools we should prepare:

  1. DMM: Using to look ACC and constant power location. (Test pencil is forbidden to use because it can’t correctly locate the ACC and constant power place)
  2. Cross head screwdriver, hex wrench 1 set, cable  ties 10 pcs, insulation tape 1 roll, flashlight

How to locate the fuse place and how to judge the ACC and constant power place

  1. Fuse box place:  under the  passenger pedal
  2. Constant power: the car has been running at approximately 12.4V without starting.
  3. ACC: The voltage only available after the car starts is about 14.5V, and it will automatically turn off immediately after the car is turned off Closed.


  1. Before connecting to power, please be sure to disconnect the dashcam connector to avoid burning the machine due to poor contact or short circuit during the power connection process.
  2. The machine will shut down with a 10-second delay when ACC is disconnected.
  3. Wrap the AV head * power filter box and secure it in a suitable position.
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Appearance after installation

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