How to hard-wring the built-in dash cam for Toyota Corolla

by Mercy Lion on November 16, 2023

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Toyota Corolla's built-in dash camera is a fantastic feature that enhances safety and provides an extra layer of security while driving. In this article we will show you dash cam installation toyota corolla, now let us walk you through the process of hard-wiring the built-in dash camera in your Toyota Corolla, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Let us see the trim look like before the dashcam for toyota corolla install,there is no casing behind the rear-view mirror, so with this U shape hidden dashcam can blend in therer so well that you can actually forgot it's there.

First look at the A99 toyota corolla hatchback dash cam after install, it doesn’t have a screen and installation seamless.

toyota corolla dash cam installation

Dashcam Install Materials Needed:
Before you start the hard-wiring process, gather the necessary materials:

Hard-wire kit: There is a hard-wire kit in the A99 hidden dashcam compatible with your Toyota Corolla's dash camera.

Trim removal tools: You may need these tools to access the necessary panels and hide the wiring neatly.It also contain in the dashcam's package of mercylion A99.

Multimeter: Useful for checking electrical connections and ensuring proper voltage.

Steps to install the front dash camera on Your Toyota Corolla

The picture below is a simple diagram of the instructions for the A99 main unit to help you understand the structure and installation method of the recorder more clearly.

toyota corolla hybrid dash cam
Let's proceed with the actual installation. Ensure that your vehicle is turned off before attempting any installation.
Step 1: First, clean the position where the windshield is to be installed, and then open the protective film of 3M glue and stick it in an appropriate position.
toyota corolla 2023 dashcam
The base plate here can be separated from the main unit. You can try removing the main unit when get the main unit in your hand, tearing off the protective film of the front camera lens, and then reinstalling the main unit to the base plate again.
2019 toyota corolla dash cam
Power Wire Connection:
Connect the power cable to the front cam, and connect the rear cam cable to the front cam at the same time.
Route the Wiring
Carefully route the wiring from the dash camera to the fuse box. Use trim removal tools to tuck the wiring into the interior panels, ensuring a clean and inconspicuous installation.
corolla dash cam
Locate the Fuse Box
Locate your Toyota Corolla's fuse box. Typically, you can find it beneath the dashboard. Once located, identify the constant power fuse slot and the ACC fuse slot. You can first use the vehicle's electrical diagram (vehicle manual or online resources) to know the power cables related to ACC, Constant, and Ignition Switched in the fuse box. This information is usually marked with corresponding symbols and colors in the electrical diagram.
Connect a multimeter:
Set the multimeter to DC Voltage mode and select the appropriate voltage range. Usually, the vehicle system operates at 12V and can choose a range of 20V DC.
Measuring constant current (constant power supply):

Connect the black probe to the negative electrode.

Use a red probe to touch different circuits of the vehicle, such as the location marked with constant current in the fuse box. When the current passes through a constant current, the multimeter displays the voltage(When the car is not started, there is always about 12.4V voltage).
Measuring constant current (constant power supply):
The voltage that ACC only has when the car is started is about 14.5V, and the voltage will automatically turn off immediately after the car is turned off.
Connect the dashcam hardwiring cable tape to the slot we identify.
Measurement position (ground wire):
Select the resistance measurement range and make sure to select the appropriate resistance measurement range before starting. Usually, select a smaller range to improve sensitivity. Before measuring the ground wire, ensure that the relevant circuit is closed to prevent current interference. Connect the black probe to the metal part of the vehicle, such as the metal frame of the vehicle body or the negative pole of the battery. This is the place commonly used as a ground wire on vehicles. Connect the red probe to the location you want to test, where you suspect it may be the ground wire. After connecting the probe, check the resistance value displayed on the multimeter. If the circuit is well connected, the resistance value will approach zero.
Wiring Definition Function

Yellow wire

12V Constant Power Connect to the positive electrode of the car battery (BATT+)
Red ACC 12V Connected to vehicle ACC power supply;
When ACC is 12V, the dash cam is powered on

Black wire

GND Grounding; connect to the negative pole of the car battery and ground


Before we pull any fuses, it’s important to remember that this type of work should only be performed by a qualified individual or qualified business. Working with your vehicle’s electrical system can be dangerous both to you and your vehicle. If all of this is new to you and you don’t feel confident working with your vehicle’s fuse box, we recommend that you consult a professional!

Route the rearcam to the rear windom

Route the rear extension line along the A-pillars, B-pillars, and C-pillars. Connect the extension cable of the rear camera and the plug of the rear camera.

toyota corolla 2021 dash cam

Attach the rear camera in the centre of the rear window

Install the extension wire slot to the front camera

toyota corolla dash cam price

MERCYLION Wifi Connection APP operation
Download the App: scan the QR code to download the Mercylion app for your phone, or search "mercylion" in the app store or Google Player to download

Power On the Dashcam: Start your car, if the dashcam indicator light is bule then the dashcam working normally

Connect to Dashcam's Wi-Fi:
a. On your smartphone, go to your Wi-Fi settings.
b. Look for the Wi-Fi network name (VT5004) that matches your dashcam's model
c. Select and connect to the dashcam's Wi-Fi network.
d. You may be prompted to enter a password(default password, "12345678"). Check your dashcam's manual for the default password, or it may be labeled on the dashcam itself.

Open the Mercylion App: Launch the dedicated app you download.

Configure Settings:
Once connected, you can configure settings, such as video resolution, recording  settings, and Wi-Fi password, through the app.


easiest dash cam to install

  View and Transfer   Footage:
  You can use the app to view live or recorded footage.
  Transfer video clips or   images to your smartphone   for easy sharing or storage.

Live Streaming
You can use the app to access a live view from the camera while the vehicle is parked.

Security Considerations:

Change the default Wi-Fi password on your dashcam to enhance security. This prevents unauthorized access to your dashcam.


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