How to fit DashCam in Range Rover Sport 2018

by Leona Lee on July 03, 2024

Are you looking for the best dash cam for Range Rover Sport? You will come to the right place. Mercylion provides OEM hidden dashcam for Range Rover recording, which is features in no cables and, very discreet, professional fitting guide.

This article will show you how to have Range Rover dash cam installed in an easy way, without hardwiring or removing the A-pillar. The install is simple, remove the interior lights, plug and play.

The following introduce MERCYLION A65 dashcam for information. There are many other range rover models which is fit for this integrated dash cam.For example;

DVR for Range Rover Evoque 2017 HSE;
DVR for 2018-2019 Range Rover Executive;
DVR for 2018 Range Rover Extended;
DVR for 2019 Discovery 4;
DVR for 2018 Discovery 5;
DVR for 2020 Range Rover Genesis Executive Extended;
The range rover interior look compare between before & after dash cam install. You can see the minimalist aesthetics on your range rover. The dash cam in range rover overall design emphasizes minimalism and sophistication, with no extra devices or cables in sight. range rover sport dash cam install

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Dashcam Kit: Ensure you have the dashcam and all necessary accessories (power cable, SD card).You can looking more land rover fitted dash cam in here.
  • Trim Removal Tool: To safely remove interior panels without damaging them.
  • Power cable: For connect the original car to power supply the dashcam. Can be rain sensor power supply or reading lamp power supply.
  • User Manual: Refer to the dashcam manual for specific instructions.

 Steps for Installation

 1. Preparation:

Park your vehicle in a well-lit area and ensure it is turned off.

Gather all necessary tools and materials.

2. Remove the Range Rover Sport Interior Panels:

Use trim removal tools to carefully remove the interior panels where the dashcam will be installed, typically around the rearview mirror area.

Be gentle to avoid breaking any clips or damaging the panels.

range rover sport dash cam install
Continue to remove the rear side cover like this way.
best dash cam for range rover

After remove the range rover original rain sensor casing, here is how the rain sensor console show.

range rover sport dash cam review

Here are the part numbers for the Range Rover Sport 2018 housings that you need, you can distingush from this number to check if it is land rover fitted dash cam for your vehicle.

rover dashcam


3. Connect the plug-and-play power cable(install power from interior lights):

For Range Rover Sport 2018, it is plug-and-play from the reading lamp place.

If you want to power from the reading lamp place, you need to open the place first, see the open steps as the pictures below:

range rover dash cam fitting

After your pry open the readinf lamp panel, you will see the power slot. 

range rover camera

Pull out the cable here.

range rover camera system


Basically it's a simple male and female connector with few wires, it added 2 additional wires to output 12V DC. 

Connection 1: Connect the orginal car connector to the dash camera power cable slot

range rover camera recording


Connection 2: Connect the original car slot with the dash cam land rover power cable.

best dash cam for range rover sport

Connection 3: Connect the Y cable final end to the dashcam wire 

dash cam for land rover discovery sport


4.Test the Dashcam:

In order to avoid the situation that the DVR is not powered after being fully installed, you need to disassemble it and check it again. So you can check the power if normal here. After connecting all the connector, you can start the car and check whether the indicator light of the DVR is blue. If the blue light flashes, it means that the power is connected correctly.


5. Reassemble the Interior Panels:

Once the dashcam is functioning correctly, reassemble the interior panels that were removed earlier. Make sure all clips are securely in place.

Reassemble the reading lamp pannel first.

land rover discovery 5 dash cam

 Reassemble the dashcam casing to replace the original rain sensor casing.

land rover discovery 4 dash cam


6.Configure Dashcam Settings:

Refer to the dashcam’s user manual to configure settings such as date and time, resolution, and recording options.

Familiarize yourself with the dashcam’s features and how to access recorded footage.

By following these steps, you can install the OEM dashcam in your Range Rover and ensure it operates as intended to provide added safety and security while driving.



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