Audi Built-in Dash Cam Installation Guide

by Mercy Lion on November 07, 2023

Follow these steps to install your Audi built-in dash cam:

This A32 dashcam install instruction still suitable for Audi A3 Sportback E-Tron 2017; Audi A5 Base 2009; Audi Q3 f3 2020; Audi Q3 sportback 2023; Audi Q5 2021; Audi Q7 2016 Sline; Audi Q7 2017 ; Audi Q7 e-tron 2018;Audi Q7 2019; Audi Q7 2021; Audi Q7 2022; Audi Q7 Prestige 2023; Audi Q8 3.0T Quattro Premium Plus 2019; Audi S3 Premium Plus 2018; Audi TT S Line 2019; Audi TTS 2023...etc.

Step 1: Power Down Your Audi Vehicle
Before you begin, turn off your Audi vehicle. This step is crucial to ensure your safety and prevent electrical issues during installation.

Step 2: Locate the Front Windshield Camera Position
Find the best location for the front windshield camera. It is usually replace mounting it behind the rearview mirror housing to ensure an optimal field of view. The camera should be aligned with the road ahead and not obstruct your vision while driving.

Before the Built-in Dashcam install

audi tt dash cam

Use the pry tool to safely remove trim and access the areas required for installation. The picture shows the trim after removal below.

audi dash cam install

Step 3: Mount the Front Camera to the Audi

First, thread the connecting wire of the dash camera through the hole in the original rearview mirror pillar, and then align the outer shell of the dash cam with the clamp and fix it in place.

audi a4 dash cam install

Step 4: Connect the Rain Sensor Cable with the Original Car | Easy to Plug-and-Play

Insert the plug of the rain sensor cable into the corresponding port on the dashcam or the provided dashcam power cable. This connection allows the dashcam to receive power through the rain sensor circuit.

The wiring steps of the rain sensor are shown in the following figure.

audi r8 dashcam

Step 5: Secure the Dashcam Power Cables
Sort out and insert the cable along the interior of your vehicle. Ensure that the cables are hidden from view to maintain a tidy and professional look.

2018 audi q5 dash cam

Step 6: Install the back Lid 

Remove the small cover plate of the original car  casing and install it behind the dashcam corresponding place.

audi q5 dash cam

The Built-in Dashcam Install Finish

Start the vehicle, you will see the dashcam indicate light in blue

audi dash cam
audi dashcam

If you still don't clear about the steps of install the Audi Built in dash camera, check the video for more specification install operation:

A32 Dashcam Plug-and-Play Install on Audi A4L


MERCYLION Wifi Connection APP operation
Download the App: scan the QR code to download the Mercylion app for your phone, or search "mercylion" in the app store or Google Player to download

Power On the Dashcam: Start your car, if the dashcam indicator light is bule then the dashcam working normally

Connect to Dashcam's Wi-Fi:
a. On your smartphone, go to your Wi-Fi settings.
b. Look for the Wi-Fi network name (VT5004) that matches your dashcam's model
c. Select and connect to the dashcam's Wi-Fi network.
d. You may be prompted to enter a password(default password, "12345678"). Check your dashcam's manual for the default password, or it may be labeled on the dashcam itself.

Open the Mercylion App: Launch the dedicated app you download.

Configure Settings:
Once connected, you can configure settings, such as video resolution, recording  settings, and Wi-Fi password, through the app.


easiest dash cam to install

  View and Transfer   Footage:
  You can use the app to view live or recorded footage.
  Transfer video clips or   images to your smartphone   for easy sharing or storage.

Live Streaming
You can use the app to access a live view from the camera while the vehicle is parked.

Security Considerations:

Change the default Wi-Fi password on your dashcam to enhance security. This prevents unauthorized access to your dashcam.

Final Thoughts
Installing an Audi built-in dash cam is a smart choice for enhancing safety and security while driving. With this guide, you can reference install the dash cam in your Audi vehicle, knowing that you've taken the necessary steps to ensure a  reliable installation. Enjoy the added peace of mind and protection that your Audi dash cam provides as you hit the road.

Warmly Tips: If encount problem, it's a good idea to consult your professional help to avoid any damage or issues with your vehicle.


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